Survival manual for young people: keys to go live alone and not die trying

The great enigmas The history of humanity has always been summarized in three questions: Who are we? Where do we come from? and where do we go? Although these are the most repeated and philosophical questions, at a certain point in our life, the truth is that we all do another type of more mundane questions, which we had never thought of, but which are a lot more practical and necessary.

We are talking about moment of independence, nothing to do with Catalans or French, simply with start living outside the family home. That moment when you realize that that glass that you have left on the counter does not end up in the dishwasher alone, that the house accumulates much more dust than you think, that the stains do not come out alone and you discover why not mix white clothes with the color one.

For all that people who have just become independent or are thinking about it, the tweet project ‘Youth Survival Manual'It will teach you "what you need to know that is not explained to you at school" for domestic life outside your parents' home.

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The initiative was born in January when the person in charge of the project, the journalist Alejandra de la Fuente, he left his family home: “I became independent and I realized that things were more difficult than they seemed. On paper it is all very nice, until you realize how difficult it is to work and have to take care of housework ”.

This is precisely why this initiative was born, to “help people in these processes”. “These are things that I have had to do without anyone explaining what they were like and with this account I want to convey to people 'Hey, don't do that like that because you're going to mess it up', As has ever happened to me, "says the journalist.

The advice that appears in each tweet may come from The author's own experiences or inquiries from her followers. The answers come from personal experience, consultation with family and friends experienced or consultation with the almighty Google.

But he clarifies that “although it may be difficult to become independent due to the generalized job insecurity, you get used to the dynamics of your own house with the months ”.

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An account for not so young

Although the very name of the account suggests that becoming independent is only for young people, the truth is that the current situation of job insecurity increases the age at which people leave home. Specific the audience for this project ranges from 25 to 35, as De la Fuente explains.

“Relatively older people have written to me who were unaware of the subject of not being able to mix ammonia and bleach”Says the journalist as one of the most recent examples.

"Some thirty-somethings have also asked me about how clean stains from a sofa; others have asked how unclog the sink; and there are even relatively older people to whom I have had to explain that the pans should not be scrubbed with the nickel scouring pad ”, he says.

"The truth is that sometimes it is very funny and you have a great time with the questions that you receive ”, he concludes about his project.