Stretching is in: why stretching first now in the morning helps you lose weight and burn calories

The stretching not only serve to recover better after exertion or to prepare your body for an activity. They are also great for losing weight. You just have to learn the best postures to stretch and know that stretching helps you lose weight if you know when and how to do it. Because the simplest exercise in the world helps you lose weight.

Stretching is part of any complete fitness program. Helps maintain a optimal movement in the joints, decrease the risk of injury and even reduce stress levels. But in addition to these benefits, you may have heard that it helps burn calories, tones your body, and contributes to weight loss. And it is true!

Stretching involves moving a joint through its full range of motion. Also, some forms of stretching involve contract muscles during movement, while others require the muscles to remain passive. Regardless of the type, stretching contributes to increasing flexibility, which in turn can improve certain injury symptoms or reverse poor positions.

How many calories are burned with stretching

Stretching alone is not typically considered a high-calorie activity. For a person weighing about 70 kg, the average stretching is 3 calories burned per minute. But keep in mind that in a training routine you will have to multiply by all the minutes you dedicate.

Obviously, this number can increase exponentially when stretching is combined with moderate intensity activities and high, such as dynamic warm-ups or some forms of yoga. Current recommendations for sports warm-ups include light aerobic activity, dynamic stretching, and sports-related movements. In a 10 minute warm-up, this would equal approximately 40 calories. Therefore, to burn a good number of calories it is recommended that stretching be combined with a prolonged stretching session or other exercise.

How it helps you lose weight

Stretching can help you lose weight, although to a lesser extent than activities like running, biking, or high-intensity interval training. When considered as part of a combined activityYes, it greatly improves its contribution to increasing daily caloric expenditure.

Keep in mind another thing: when it comes to activity, it does not refer only to playing sports. It would also include things like walking, cooking, cleaning, running errands, etc. That is, stretching does not help you lose weight if you only watch television, but it does when you have a moderately active life. As a standalone exercise, stretching has minimal effect on weight loss, but it can contribute to your daily caloric expenditure as part of routine, global physical activity.

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