Stressed? Imagine your partner may be the best solution

The stressful situations they almost never leave room for positive thoughts. We are so focused on the moment that we often forget to take the necessary measures to dispel the anxiety.

In these situations, the power of concentration is crucial. Our ability to isolate ourselves from the anxious moment is important to overcome stress and move on. But according to the University of Arizona, there is a relatively easy method that only requires the mental visualization of a face: that of your partner.

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To reach this conclusion, the director of the research, Kyle Bourassa, devised an experiment in which 102 people they put one foot in ice water for eight minutes. "It is a 100% safe test, only a little uncomfortable, depending on the cold tolerance of each person"Said Bourassa.

These people were divided into three groups. The first one stayed with his partner in the room during the test. The second, he was asked to think about his absent partners while performing the test. On the third, he was asked to think about what his day had been like.

For the results, the measures of blood pressure and heart rate variability before, during and after immersing the foot in the water.

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Those who had counted on the presence of their partner registered a lower blood pressure change due to the stress of the ice water than the members of group three, who had been asked to think about their day. As for the second group, his blood pressure was similar to the first.

With these results, the specialists deduced that thinking about the couple is a beneficial psychological resource for balancing blood pressure in a stressful moment. "Previous research found that thinking about the couple was psychologically beneficial, but this study goes further and suggests that it also has health benefits", explains Bourassa.

In the case of singles, the principle is the same: think of a loved one, such as parents or friends. It is the act of visualizing someone we like that has a positive effect on our level of stress and anxiety.

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