Streamline method: simplify the order of your house

Accumulation has no place in the “streamline” method. Here is what you need to know to decorate and organize your home following this philosophy.

Last update: 25 September, 2022

The first thing you should ask yourself is what the method is about stream line. A summary definition is that it is inspired by minimalism.

But beware! He does not look for its purest or most extreme essence in minimalism, but a way of inspiration for you to organize your home and stay with only what gives you happiness and well-being.

Do you want to know more? We tell you in detail everything about the method stream line and some essential tips to achieve success in its application.

Francine Jay: the creator of the famous “streamline” method

Francine Jay is an American woman, a lover of minimalism. So much so, that one of her nicknames is miss minimalist.

He earned that alias for his blog, which has the same name. A place where tries to inspire and teach others to order their house, in such a way that clutter never enters again.

The method stream line seeks to find the definitive order, say goodbye to chaos and hello to well-being and happiness, keeping only those objects that you treasure and have value. It could be said that his best motto is “less is more”.

You don’t need more than just what you really appreciate. How to achieve it? We teach you what you must comply with.

Minimalism reduces the presence of objects to the essential. Only the essential remains.

1. Say no to hoarding

This may be the most essential rule. You must get rid of everything that does not fit in your life.

The recommendation is to clean your house and classify the objects in three categories: junk, treasure and transfer. The ideal here is to keep those that you consider of value, either sentimental or for utility.

What do you do with the junk or transfer? The first go straight to the trash. The seconds are donated. What is in good condition will be useful to someone else or can be recycled.

Have you read or heard that adding one object leads to the elimination of another? To prevent yourself from hoarding unnecessary items again, you should keep that phrase in mind. For whatever new thing comes home, another must go. It is the smartest way to maintain order.

2. Sort the objects from most to least used

Another golden rule in the method stream line it is that in each place one thing and each thing in its place. What it means is that each object must have a specific site. When organizing your house you must think about where everything goes and then keep it.

To organize, you must keep in mind the fact of placing the things you use most in nearby places; a little more distant will go what you use on a regular basis. Far away what you use sporadically.

3. Have clean habits

Do not leave any corner or space without ordering and cleaning. It is recommended to have routines and be constant, if what you want is not to make room for chaos and disorder.

Cleaning routines should be daily. If you think about it a bit, having only what you need or of value to you reduces the time you spend cleaning your home.

4. Get rid of those places that cause you to accumulate

Let’s go! When you don’t have the method stream line in mind, we use the countertop or any shelf to accumulate. Most of the time, with objects that we do not use later or that do not go there in the beginning.

Why do we leave them there? Because it is more comfortable.

The truth is that this practice never leads to comfort. Actually, it entails visual clutter. Space, if you let it, is the next black hole scientists will discover.

Ideally, you should take great care of the shelves, countertops and auxiliary furniture. Make sure they are always kept clear and clean.

Clutter will attract more clutter. You must take quick action to prevent the lack of control from escalating.

The true essence of the “streamline” method

This method does not seek that you get rid of everything material or that you live in austerity. What he wants is for you to be aware of each element for you to achieve a true transformation.

Staying alone with what makes you feel happy is the way.

One of the best options is to opt for furniture that has a double function, such as sofa beds. These structures are designed to store and allow you to save space.

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