Strawberry season: why you should start eating them

They are one of the most famous fruits both for their flavor and for their sexy and sensual symbology. For the sweet tooth they become the perfect healthy dessert if we add chocolate, cream or even some who prefer to eat them alone since Its own flavor makes them irresistible.

Normally they are grown in greenhouses but it is always better to consume the seasonal ones, which normally runs from February to June, since its cultivation is much more natural. Right now we are in full strawberry season and that's why we recommend that start introducing them into your diet if you haven't done it yet For these good reasons.

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Why should you incorporate strawberries in your diet?

It is one of the fruits that less calories and in addition, its owners are multiple. They are an excellent source of vitamins especially of group B, vitamin C and vitamin E, and minerals such as iron, magnesium and, to a lesser extent, calcium, phosphorus, copper, potassium, manganese and silicon.

Strawberries also help regulate intestinal transit thanks to its fiber input and also, they take care of our gums. The antioxidants They are also one of its star components as they help us fight free radicals, skin aging, increase organic defenses and also enjoy a good amount of Omega 3, highly recommended for people with cholesterol.

It is a fruit that is indicated for health by all these benefits at all ages, but its consumption is especially recommended in:

Pregnant and children, and people with anemia, because it is little sugary and contains high levels of folic acid and iron.

Hypertensive, thanks to its potassium content that helps reduce blood pressure

Diabetics: It is a fruit considered suitable for diabetics since its sugar is levulose (fructose).

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