Still have not dared to try the menstrual cup? Cristina Pedroche solves all your doubts

If you haven't tried the menstrual cup, surely you want to read an article titled "I used the menstrual cup for the first time and this is what happened", well, we have it. To know the outcome of that happy story, you just have to click it (the experience of one is the experience of all). But although the testimonies of others help a lot, the truth is that when we talk about this topic, various doubts come to light that, hopefully, someone would explain to us as normal. Well, this time Cristina Pedroche He has come to the rescue on his Instagram account and has published information about the menstrual cup, its use and answers to the most frequently asked questions. And everything, in order to encourage their followers to use it.

Cristina Pedroche, who is an advocate of the cup, wrote in the publication a text that we do nothing but applaud, "I wish the first time I had my period lowered someone had told me about the menstrual cup. At that time there was not as much information as Now, even so, there are still many women who do not use it and I want this to change, not only because of savings and for not polluting (which of course also) but because it is health. Also because I don't like that every time I talk about this topic, it rains criticism and insults ", this is how his argument began, which shows, once again, how stigmatized the open conversation about female menstruation is.

And he continued, "It's blood. My blood. And I don't disgust or think it's a subject to hide. I've answered some of your questions in the following photos (see what happens). Almost all of you have the same doubts, which are exactly the ones I had. It is normal to feel a little lost at first but I promise you it is super easy. And if you still have more questions you should talk to your doctor, gynecologist, pharmacist or midwife, who are the experts. "

And in addition, he encouraged comments among his followers to resolve any doubts they may have, thus creating a free community to discuss such an important issue, "You can also ask around here that we will all help each other. Thank you all."

The truth is that what better time to try it now that we are home more hours than ever? If it is the first time you use the cup, choosing one that suits your needs is paramount. Cristina, for example, uses the beginner's cup of Intimina (sold on Amazon) which has a special hook to make the extraction much easier. It is also the one that we use when we go to the glass. And we must recognize that although it has been difficult for us to get used to and get the hang of it, it is only a matter of time.

Can't we live without it now? You sign up?

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