Still do not use castor oil? Reasons why you should

If you live by and for natural oils We have good news: you will want to immerse Castor oil to your dresser. And it is that, its benefits are countless. And we assure you in the first person.

The day our eyelashes needed a push, we asked what natural remedies would help to give a boost to our eyes. The winning answers were two: the olive oil and the Castor oil. By not trusting much of the first (with the aim of putting it on our eyelashes, for everything else, we put our hands on the fire) we decided to try the Castor oil.

After a walk to the pharmacy, (or the herbalist, whatever you prefer) and two months using it for the sole purpose of having a heart attack, we realized that we had found the holy grail of beauty for very little money. Why did our eyelashes become longer and denser? Castor oil contains Vitamin E and proteins, so it is able to stimulate hair growth and nourish it, hence its effectiveness when it comes to improving our lashes.


Not happy with this use, we decided to investigate what Benefits (besides this) had the castor oil. And it does not fall short, we can use it for an infinite number of problems:


This is the main use of castor oil. Its properties make it the perfect natural laxative and can be used as a non-invasive treatment for occasional constipation.


The fatty acids of this oil deeply hydrate the skin and act as humectants, so its high content of vitamin E is even more enhanced when it comes to protecting the cells and slowing down the possible cutaneous aging. Do you have scars or stretch marks? It reconstuates the skin naturally and helps protect the dermis from UVA rays.


This oil is also beneficial for the scalp due to its anti-inflammatory effects that help reduce seborrheic dermatitis, a condition that causes skin flaking.


In addition, it is a great ally when it comes to moisturizing hair and promoting its growth and a great companion against acne thanks to its antibacterial powers. Have some eyelashes, a skin and a film hair (among other things, wink, wink) was never so simple.

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