Step by step: how to heal an infected wound

When you make a small wound, do you treat it to prevent it from getting infected? If you do not, the infection will cause more pain and can have negative consequences for your health.

Some factors that generate an infection are the lack of cleanliness of the wound within eight hours after the injury and the presence of saliva or dirt. It is also possible to infect the wounds caused by a bite or perforation, and those that occur in people with diabetes.

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How to know if a wound is infected

The most important indicators of infection are the high temperature and the red color around the wound. If you notice that the temperature around the wound is higher, it is safe to suffer an infection. Even worse will be if your whole body suffers from fever as a result of the injury. If this happens, you must urgently see a doctor.

Other symptoms that may indicate the presence of an infection are persistent pain, discharge of pus, bad smell and poor general appearance. There may also be problems if you do not see signs of scarring.

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Step by step: how to treat an infected wound

Clean the wound with soap and water. This serves to remove the remains of dirt and blood. It's normal that it hurts a little. Use gauze and not cotton, as this can leave residues.

It is best to cover the area with a sterile bandage, but make sure you have clean hands before doing so. Never place bandages on wounds with blisters or pus.

Monitor the wound constantly and apply natural products such as aloe vera to heal the wound and eliminate the infection.

If with the passing of days the wound only gets worse, it is better to attend a doctor, because it may be necessary to prescribe medications that only specialists can authorize.

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In general, wounds must be treated at the time they occur. Clean up the region immediately reduces the chances of infection and it will improve the healing process.

The treatment of infected wounds depends on the type of wound (inflammation, pus accumulation, etc.) and in serious cases may require urgent medical help.

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