Steel cut oats: what is it and how to prepare it?

Steel cut oats is a modality characterized by be presented in smaller flakes than the traditional version. It is very useful to consume with some type of drink, such as coffee. We are going to tell you all about this food so that you know why you have to include it in the usual diet.

Keep in mind that oats are one of the best cereals that can be found. In addition, it is marketed with hardly any refining process, which gives it added value. In the case of wheat, for example, the common thing is to buy products that have a high percentage of added sugars.

What is steel cut oats?

This cereal is characterized by being cut into small pieces. It must be subjected to a longer cooking process than its traditional form, although it can also be consumed raw.

The end result is a food with a rubbery texture. In addition, it has a slight nutty flavor, which gives it superior organoleptic characteristics.

From a nutritional point of view it has the same characteristics as traditional oats. We will comment on them later so that you are aware of the importance of introducing this food into the usual diet.

Traditional oats and steel cut oats have the same nutritional characteristics.

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Nutritional contribution of steel cut oats

Steel-cut oats are capable of providing 375 kilocalories per 100 grams of product. From the point of view of macronutrients, their carbohydrate content stands out, although they are low in the glycemic index. For this reason, their good quality is considered.

It does not have many fats in its composition, but it does have more protein than other cereals, such as wheat. Anyway, it must be taken into account that it is a protein contribution of low biological value. It is important to also mention the presence of fiber.

Regarding micronutrients, special mention must be made of the content of B vitamins and minerals. Among the latter, phosphorus, iron, copper and zinc stand out.. All of them participate in multiple physiological reactions that determine the efficiency of the body.

Benefits of consuming it

Next we are going to show you what are the benefits of consuming steel cut oats and the position of science in this regard.

Reduction of intestinal problems

Oats stand out for their soluble fiber content. This substance is capable of fermenting at the intestinal level, generating a positive impact on the microbiota.

From here you can experience positive effects that have to do with more efficient digestion. What is clear is that the beta glucans contained in oats have been shown to help intestinal bacterial biodiversity, while serving as a substrate for the genesis of short chain fatty acids, with an anti-inflammatory nature.

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Improved lipid profile

The fiber contribution of oats is able to positively affect the lipid profile of the body. While it is true that the impact of diet on cholesterol is limited, beta glucans are capable of increasing the concentration of lipoprotein HLD (good cholesterol), reducing that of oxidized VLDL. This is stated by a study published in the journal The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

Acts on immune function

Oats have, as we said, a significant contribution of zinc. There is evidence that this mineral is capable of stimulating immune function. It generates improvements in the differentiation of the cells that make up the body's defense system.

Oats provide fiber to improve the biodiversity of the intestinal microbiota, as well as zinc to strengthen the immune system.

How do you prepare?

Preparing steel cut oats is very easy. You can follow a method similar to that used with cereal in its traditional form. Simply heat water or milk in a saucepan and add the food later.

Over medium heat it will be necessary to stir for about 7 minutes until a mixture with a rubbery and homogeneous texture is generated. From here it can be served accompanied by toppings, as are the fruits of the forest. It is advisable to avoid adding sugar so as not to spoil its nutritional value.

On the other hand, It is also possible to add raw oatmeal to a drink, such as coffee. In this way the properties are increased. You can also pass everything through the blender to obtain a thinner semi-heavy liquid, easy to drink and consume. This type of preparation is faster, making it the preferred option of many.

Steel cut oats: a healthy food

Steel cut oats are probably one of the best high carbohydrate foods we can find. Its sugars are of low glycemic index and it has a high amount of fiber capable of generating a positive impact on the microbiota.

As if this were not enough, it is a versatile food. It can be cooked, but it can also be crushed to prepare smoothies with it. It is even possible to add it as such to yogurt, along with a handful of nuts. This will achieve a complete end result from a nutritional point of view.