Star fruit or carambola: nutritional value and contraindications

The star fruit or carambola is a tropical fruit typical of the Indonesian area that stands out for its organoleptic characteristics. In addition, it has a beneficial nutritional value for health, so it can be introduced in the context of a balanced diet.

Do not forget that regular fruit intake is considered a positive habit in order to prevent the development of complex pathologies such as cardiovascular problems. It is essential to vary the vegetables to ensure a different contribution.

Nutritional properties of star fruit or carambola

From a nutritional point of view, the star fruit or carambola stands out for its vitamin C and potassium content. The first is characterized by being essential for the maintenance of a competent immune system. In fact, according to a study published in the journal American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, regular intake of vitamin C is associated with a lower risk of developing complications in common colds.

In turn, potassium is a mineral capable of improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system. It has the ability to regulate blood pressure, thus counteracting the effect of sodium. This property is evidenced in an article published in the magazine Journal of Clinical Hypertension.

On the other hand, the star fruit contains a significant amount of sugars in its composition. For this reason, its consumption is recommended after a main meal so that the fiber and proteins present in the rest of the food can delay the absorption of carbohydrates. In this way the impact on the pancreas is minimized.

Little known in Europe, this fruit has properties based on its content of vitamin C and potassium.

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Forms of consumption

The star fruit or carambola has a sweet taste, although with some sour touches. It is possible to consume it raw, like any other fruit, either after meals or even between meals. However, it can also be eaten cooked, making it possible to ingest the skin.

It is possible to make smoothies or shakes with this vegetable. There are also those who produce sauces or desserts with the star fruit as the main ingredient.

A typical recipe is that of jam. To get this product you just have to wash the fruit and remove the ends. Cook it together with water, spices and sugar and reduce the heat once it starts to boil. When a syrup is already observed in the bottom of the saucepan, it will be time to crush the preparation, obtaining a jam with a fine texture and golden color.

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Contraindications of carambola

You have to take into account that star fruit or carambola has the presence of oxalates in its composition, substances that are critical for kidney patients. Even in subjects with adequate kidney function excessive consumption of oxalates is capable of triggering acute kidney failure.

In this sense, it is best not to abuse this fruit, combining it with other vegetables to obtain a full supply of nutrients. It is also possible to experience some gastrointestinal symptoms after ingesting large amounts of starfruit or starfruit. This is due to the presence in its composition of a substance called caramboxin which has toxic potential.

In any case, the fact that in large quantities it is harmful does not mean that it cannot appear in the diet. There is no danger if consumed moderately.

In addition, it can provide beneficial nutrients for the body, such as those already mentioned. On the other hand, it should be noted that this vegetable also has a significant amount of fiber, which is capable of improving intestinal function.

Starfruit preparations vary between raw and cooked options.

Star fruit or carambola: a little-known vegetable

Despite the fact that in some countries of the American continent the star fruit is well known, it is not a product that can be easily found in European markets. Anyway, it stands out for its organoleptic characteristics; especially for its color and shape.

Likewise, This fruit also has a nutritional value capable of providing health benefits. Its high content of vitamin C improves immune function, reducing the risk of developing complications of infectious diseases. As if this were not enough, this vitamin increases the synthesis of collagen, improving the health of the muscles and tendons.

Nor should we forget the potassium in the fruit, capable of counteracting the effects of sodium and ensuring correct vascular function. In fact, this nutrient is indicated in people with hypertension to help modulate blood pressure levels.

Finally, be clear that star fruit or carambola can be consumed both raw and cooked. You can even prepare sauces and desserts with it, so it is very versatile.