Spring Cleaning! 5 tricks to do the best spring cleaning at home

Nature does not understand quarantines, that is why it has continued its course making spring crowned as the brand new new season, of crazy and unpredictable weather, that floods fields and practically deserted cities. This seasonal change is perfect to renovate your house and do a good cleaning and general tidying up. A home plan that, since you are spending more time at home these days, you will be able to put into practice better than ever the best tips for doing Spring Cleaning. Ready?

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Open the windows!

This step is very important, ventilating the house is essential on a daily basis to renew the air at home so that it remains healthy. When you open the windows for fresh air the concentration of CO2 is reduced and the humidity is regulated, you let in the sun's rays and odors are eliminated. Ventilating will improve the air in your home and also possible allergies or colds.

Just ventilate for 10 minutes to renew the air in a room. The best time in winter will be the central time zone of the day and in summer at night to refresh the atmosphere. In spring pollen concentrations are higher early in the day reason why it is recommended to ventilate the house at noon and the rest of the day to leave them closed if you have allergy problems.

From top to bottom

While your home is ventilated you can start drawing up an action plan for rooms, leaving a bathroom, kitchen and terrace if you have on one side and the rest of the rooms on the other. It cleans from top to bottom, for example, the shelves, cabinet tops, mirrors, showcases … if you do it the other way around you are going to dirty again what you have cleaned when you reach the top. This cannot be extrapolated to painted walls where the ideal is to start cleaning with a soapy solution from bottom to top.

Use eco cleaning products

Although the use of bleach by experts to combat coronavirus is widespread these days, we also recommend the use of environmentally friendly ecological cleaning products to complement the disinfection, but avoid mixing them because it can be dangerous.

Vinegar, lemon juice and bicarbonate are good products to do a thorough ecological cleaning. Mixing vinegar with water is an excellent window cleaner that can also be used to clean blinds and window frames.. Another trick with vinegar is to empty an entire bottle in the drawer of the washing machine and put a short program at 60º to thoroughly clean the machine and make your clothes look flawless.

You can also use essential oils such as tea tree that has antiseptic and antifungal properties, mixing 250ml of water with about 8-10 drops of tea tree and letting it rest for 24 hours. This mixture is used to disinfect countertops, small surfaces, toys … you just have to spray the mixture and then wipe it dry to remove the moisture.

Renovate the bedroom

With the drop in temperatures you will probably have to wait a few days for this but you can already think about renewing your bedding by changing the duvet for lighter bedspreads and fresher sheets. At the moment what you can do is give your curtains a good wash and, or save them if they are thick and change them for lighter ones suitable for the new season, or hang them directly after taking them out of the washing machine, you won't need to iron them.

Take the opportunity to clean ceiling lights, ceiling fans and lampshades well with a duster, and cool, unlit bulbs with a cloth to remove dust. A trick to make your room smell wonderful is to spray a little of the fragrance of your choice on a light bulb. Turning it on will subtly diffuse the aroma due to the heat.

Activate mindfulness mode

While cleaning doors with a cloth dampened with a mild soap and water solution, vacuuming rugs and keeping blankets (when the heat hits), Take the opportunity to say goodbye to anxiety and stress thanks to the full attention required by Spring Cleaning.

Don't overlook the details, Light switches and door handles wipe clean with a damp cloth with a little rubbing alcohol to thoroughly disinfect the area. Remember to clean closet doors, sofa upholstery, fronts and the interior of drawers, you can even go over the ceiling well by vacuuming or passing the duster. This activity will not only leave your home very clean and tidy, you will also feel that your space is filled with calm and harmony while you benefit from that tranquility. This spring your home will be the best place you can be.

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