Sports Observatory for the Elderly: an initiative that promotes sport in the elderly

The creation of Sports Observatory for the Elderly is a measure that is focused in that direction and that aims to promote and improve sports activity among those over 60 years of age. This challenge is achieved through the writing of reports and diagnoses that aim to put on the tables the situation of an increasingly worrying fact: the reduction in the levels of sports practice among the elderly in our country. The first objective of this institution is to know what is the current state of sport among the elderly.

The factors that are taken into account are the percentage of citizens who practice sports, the type of activities they carry out and the spaces and places where said sports activity takes place. Once this information is compiled into a detailed report, the next step is to promote physical activity through various avenues, such as the practice of sports at home, activities in senior centers or the development of 'Walking Football', which is a form of football adapted to the elderly, where the physical risks of the traditional game are reduced.

The Senior Sports Observatory is an initiative of the Sponsor a Sportsperson Foundation, which promotes private company sponsorships for Olympic and Paralympic athletes in Tokyo; and ACAFYDE, a work and research group of the University of Extremadura. This project also has the support and encouragement of twelve cities located in different parts of the national territory. The health of the elderly is their main concern in this project where they work together.

Annual report and first Presentation Day

The work of this organization culminated, each year, in the preparation of an annual report in which the data obtained is analyzed and conclusions are drawn, in order to be able to analyze the situation in detail and look for ways to improve the sport of the elderly in future years. This report will be presented at a conference for the elderly, the first edition of which is scheduled for spring 2021. It will be the public staging of this pioneering idea in Spain.

Another of the measures that the organizers carry out is the promotion of activities, with the idea of ​​facilitating the organization of events and promoting mass participation. Communication between the researchers of this study, the cities and the driving organizations is continuous in order to join forces to promote physical activity among the elderly.

Those interested in knowing more information about this Sports Observatory for the Elderly or in participating in the project can contact the organization through the website, where it is possible to fill out a form.

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