Spiritual awakening: the 13 true signs

Not sure if you are on the right path to spiritual awakening? We show you 13 unmistakable signs that you are taking the right steps.

Last update: October 07, 2021

Spiritual awakening, in very simple terms, is the second birth that a person receives by leaving behind prejudices, vices, insecurities, desires and lusts. Although some authors claim that it can develop suddenly, for most it is a gradual process. So gradual that even many are not sure when they have reached spiritual awakening.

You can have this kind of awakening through different channels. Contrary to popular belief, it is not always done through methods associated with spirituality (such as meditation, for example). You can have a spiritual awakening after an alcoholic detox or through motherhood. In the following lines we will show you 13 ways to identify it.

13 signs you’re in the middle of a spiritual awakening

The concept spiritual awakening it is something that we can find in different cultures. Many Asian thought systems advocate it as the sole purpose of life. And western religions, in one way or another, integrate it among their principles.

During the last 100 years, the term became popular thanks to the contributions of Carl Gustav Jung. The movements of the 1960s, such as the hippieThey certainly contributed to the cause.

Very often there are doubts about when to know that you have reached the last step to a true awakening. Although each person experiences it differently, in general we can identify 13 signs of a spiritual awakening.

1. You have reevaluated your beliefs

You cannot say that you have achieved a spiritual awakening if you have not previously reassessed your beliefs. Your belief around life, death, religions, society, friends, the future, spirituality, and just about everything around you.

This does not mean that you have to completely modify the opinions you have. about it, but at least you will have put them on trial. Beliefs condition the way you interpret the world. And although it may seem like it, you do not choose them voluntarily. Most are imposed by a system.

Spiritual awakening implies a reevaluation of the beliefs we have so that new foundations allow us to move forward.

2. You practice detachment

A detachment that manifests itself in every way. The most obvious is towards material things. Owning or buying things becomes secondary. You also learn to practice detachment with your family, your friends, your pets, with your whims and with your life itself.

Don’t misunderstand this sign. It is not about disinterest, isolation, or total renunciation. It is that you have learned to identify priorities. You have also learned that detachment leads to obsession, pain, and even greed.

3. You have connected with the natural world

With the earth, the trees, the animals, the sky, the air and everything that makes up a natural manifestation. Skyscrapers, highways and technology give you a bad taste in your mouth. It seems, in this sense, that it is only through the connection with nature that you can feel calm and at ease.

This does not imply, of course, that you have moved to a country area or completely repudiate life in the city. Sometimes you have no choice. Nothing prevents you from reaching this connection through little moments of escape. You appreciate more everything that relates to the earth, its ecosystem and the living beings that inhabit it.

4. You have learned to identify priorities

Is it really worth making a huge sacrifice to acquire a certain item? Do I better spend my time with this person or with someone else? Do I really need this treat right now? These are some examples of the questions you ask yourself in the order of this signal.

Through a process of internal meditation you have identified what is truly important in your life. The rest you have taken away from the path, since it does not satisfy you, interest you or you think it does not benefit you. This is done in different ways. Some change their diet, others reduce their use of technology to a minimum, and some quit their jobs.

5. You feel freer

Freedom is the ultimate goal of spiritual awakening. Contrary to popular belief, it is not happiness. Although the latter comes in one way or another, in reality freedom is the step that allows you to know that you are on the right track. You realize this almost immediately.

The previous steps and those that we are about to list allow you to access a freedom that you have never enjoyed in your life. A sincere, pure and revealing freedom.

6. You have found the balance between mind and body

These words may sound a bit metaphysical, but they actually correspond to reality in different ways. For instance, you learn that physical and mental health is as important. You take care of your body with a healthy diet and exercise and include techniques, methods and habits in your life that give you peace of mind and relaxation.

This is something that is widely touted, although of course, the interests and objectives are different. Also, no real balance is achieved. Since most bet on physical health as the main point of interest.

7. You are kinder

Kindness is another of the hallmarks of spiritual awakening. First you practice it with yourself and then you do it with those around you. You also associate it with the connection you have established with nature.

Of course, goodness can only be manifested through action. It is not enough that you think you are kind or that you do an action sporadically. Goodness is a flag that must be hoisted permanently.

8. You are no longer afraid of death

For many followers of spiritual awakening, this is one of the essential steps to get there. Banishing the fear of death is one of the many ways you practice detachment. To fear death is also to fear life, so you cannot drive with this heavy backpack on your back.

This does not mean that you are indifferent to her or that you want to end your life. On the contrary, you understand that it is a natural process, one that does not have to condition or nullify the experiences and teachings of living.

9. You don’t feel uncomfortable being alone

This sign has its nuances, since another of the characteristics of spiritual awakening is feeling overwhelmed by a deep loneliness. It is very understandable, since after waking up you do not feel comfortable surrounded by a society preyed upon by pride, superficial, egotistical and empty. If you don’t have someone who thinks like you, of course you will feel lonely.

This feeling then evolves into a feeling of comfort with that loneliness. It’s not about isolating yourself, but unlike most people, you have no problem with being alone. In other words, you can live with yourself.

10. You want to be a useful person

You cannot stand idly by in the face of a society that destroys itself. It is useless to show your disagreement with her through your words; you must translate this thought into action. The best way to do it is to assimilate a helpful attitude, one that helps you solve the small or big problems that surround you.

Joining charities, starting or supporting planet conservation initiatives, and holding talks in your community promoting certain behaviors are just a few examples. Do not lock yourself in your house all day to meditate on your thoughts, as this will not solve anything.

Spiritual awakening is an incentive to help others and change society for the better.

11. You practice unconditional love

Another great example of spiritual awakening is found in unconditional love. Unconditional love that you begin to practice first towards yourself and then towards others. It is very important that you follow this order, since otherwise you would be exercising it with a certain hypocrisy.

Unconditional love is the love that you practice without imposing conditions, despite the consequences and without any emotional or physical limitations. It is, for many, true love.

12. Your sensitivity has sharpened

One of the ways in which this symptom manifests itself is through the previous one. But not only has the way you perceive or exercise love been sensitized, but so have all your feelings. Now you are not afraid to express them.

In other words, you are not a prisoner of emotions such as pain, anger or hatred. It does not mean that you suppress these feelings, but rather that you do not let them surge and condition your mood. You are more prudent or intelligent when choosing which feelings you prioritize in your life.

13. You feel at peace

Peace is another unmistakable sign of spiritual awakening. Each person develops it differently. Someone can find peace after moving to the outskirts of the city; others can develop it without problems in the center of a bustling city.

Be that as it may, peace allows you to cope with emotional imbalance, to the restlessness and prejudices that eat you up every day. This is permanent and is reinforced with various activities that you have identified as pleasant. It could be breastfeeding your child, doing meditation, playing with your pet, or cooking.

The signs of spiritual awakening do not happen in order

Before concluding, keep in mind that the signals we have pointed out are not in chronological order. They do not manifest gradually, since each process for spiritual awakening is different.

You may also only develop some of the signs, without this meaning that you have not found your way. What is certain is that if you are on the right track, it will not take you long before you realize it.

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