SPF diet: what is it and what are its benefits?

The SPF diet is one that is executed with the aim of improving the health of the skin. Thanks to her the body is protected from possible external damage caused by the sun's rays. In this way, the benefits at the level of vitamin D synthesis are enhanced.

It takes its name from the acronyms that define the sun protection factor (SPF in Spanish and SPF in English). This is a measurement that is included in the creams to expose ourselves to the sun and that determines the time that we can be under the radiation without turning red or burning.

However, it must be taken into account that carrying out this type of feeding does not mean that the body can be exposed to the sun without protection and for an excessive time. Good practices continue to be recommended in this regard. It is important to respect the advice of the dermatologist to avoid problems in the medium term.

What is the SPF diet?

This feeding model emphasizes the consumption of those elements that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The main objective is to reduce the accumulation of free radicals generated from sun exposure, which could positively impact the condition of the outer layers of the skin.

Thus, together with the use of creams and cosmetic products, a better dermatological state could be presented for a longer time. We must bear in mind that the skin is also an organ that must be cared for on a regular basis. Otherwise, it may break down and lose functionality.

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Benefits of the SPF diet

The main benefits of the SPF diet have to do with reducing the risk of skin cancer. It is proven that there are certain nutrients capable of protecting the health of the most external component of the body, such as vitamins with an antioxidant character.

At the same time, the SPF diet could help prevent the appearance of wrinkles and age marks, which is a very positive point in terms of beauty. There are cosmetic products aimed at this end that would enhance their effects with the implementation of an adequate dietary protocol.

Skin cancer is closely associated with exposure to UV rays, which would generate cell mutations.

What does the SPF diet include?

We are going to present you the main nutrients that the SPF diet emphasizes.

Unsaturated fatty acids

This type of compound has a marked anti-inflammatory character, according to a study published in the journal International Immunology. They are found in blue fish, extra virgin olive oil, nuts and oily fruits like avocado.

Its regular presence in the diet is recommended to guarantee the correct health of the skin and the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

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Antioxidants are found in plant-based foods. They are mainly pigments or substances responsible for the bitter taste of food. They are included within the set of phytonutrients, having shown great benefits for the body.

Its regular consumption helps to slow down premature aging by neutralizing free radicals. This reduces the risk of illness and the external signs of deterioration of the skin.

To ensure an adequate contribution of the same it is advisable to include plant-based foods in the diet with as much variation as possible. Vegetables and fruits must appear on a daily basis.


Many of them act as antioxidants. Others, however, participate by mediating inflammation, catalyzing chemical reactions or ensuring the proper functioning of the metabolism.

What is clear is that they are key elements when it comes to ensuring the good condition of the skin. In fact, many cosmetic products include them in their composition.

They are found in almost all foods, although their concentration is higher in those of plant origin, such as vegetables.


Proteins are essential structural components. They allow the repair of all tissues, in addition to intervening in many different physiological reactions.

The highest quality are those from food of animal origin, so it is necessary that they are present in the daily diet. Thanks to these nutrients you will be able to maximize the health of the skin.

Vegetables play a fundamental role in the SPF diet. They provide antioxidants and vitamins that the skin needs.

The SPF diet to improve appearance

Through the SPF diet an improvement in the appearance and health of the skin is achieved. It is an important method to protect yourself from sun exposure, which reduces the risk of getting sick in dermatological terms.

It is important to emphasize the contribution of the substances that we have discussed, while reducing the intake of toxins such as alcohol. Fresh food must be prioritized over ultra-processed. The latter contain trans fats and simple sugars in their composition capable of promoting inflammatory processes.

Lastly, keep in mind that there are supplements that can further increase the potential of the SPF diet. An example would be hydrolyzed collagen. If you have any further questions, consult a specialist to adapt this dietary model to your routines.