Soup, lasagna, pizza…: five fun ways to eat more vegetables and help you lose weight

Eating vegetables is perfect for losing weight if you accompany it with a healthy lifestyle. The secret of vegetables is in the fiber and calories. From kale to spinach, you need to include them in your diet. The thing is that sometimes they can be too boring and tire you out before you’ve gotten used to consuming them. That is why it is so important to find variety of ways to eat vegetables so that they never become routine.

Vegetables are rich in nutrients and antioxidants, which helps improve health and fight disease. In addition, they are beneficial for weight control due to their low caloric content. Health authorities around the world recommend that adults consume several servings of vegetables a day, but this can be difficult because you either don’t like them or they bore you. Why don’t you try to prepare different and tasty things? For example:

Creams, purees and vegetable soups

Soups, purees and creams are a great way to consume several servings of vegetables at once. Can make vegetables the base pureeing them and adding spices to make things like broccoli spinach quinoa soup. In addition, it is very easy to cook vegetables in soups based on broth or cream. add even if only a small quantity Adding additional vegetables to soups is a great way to increase your intake of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

a delicious lasagna

Another creative way to eat more vegetables is to make lasagna without pasta. Traditional lasagna is a pasta-based dish made by layering lasagna rolls with sauce, cheese, and meat. It’s tasty, but it’s also usually very high in carbohydrates. A great way to make this delicious dish lower in carbs and higher in nutrients is to replace lasagna rolls with vegetable strips like zucchini, a rich source of B vitamins and vitamin C, as well as minerals and fiber. And if you don’t want to do without the pasta, replace the meat with vegetables like spinach or whatever comes to mind.

make veggie noodles

Vegetarian noodles are easy to do and a great way to get more vegetables into your meal plan. They are also an excellent substitute for eliminating carbohydrates. They are made by inserting vegetables into a spiralizer, which processes them in the form of noodles and you can use it for almost any type of vegetable. They are commonly used for zucchini, carrots, or squash. Once the “noodles” are made, they can be eaten just like pasta and combined with sauces, other vegetables or meats.

Prepare a vegetable pizza

It is becoming more and more fashionable to buy vegan pizzas. But you can also make them at home. And it’s not just about making a final dough and fill it with vegetables on top. Another even more ambitious option is to do that base with cauliflower, for example. Replacing a regular flour-based pizza crust with a cauliflower crust is as easy as combining finely chopped cauliflower and mixed with eggs, almond flour, and a few seasonings. Then you can add your own ingredients.

drink smoothies

Smoothies are a very tasty breakfast or snack. revitalizing. They are usually made by combining fruit with ice, milk, or water in a blender. However, you can also add vegetables without compromising the flavor. Fresh green leafy vegetables are common additions to smoothies.

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