Song that Gustavo Cerati composed for his wife: I take you so you can take me

Cecilia marked the life of the singer for good. For that, she allowed him to create a great song. Discover the story!

Last update: 23 September, 2022

Over the years, music has been related to people’s feelings and life stories. A lot of singers have been inspired by their loved ones to create beautiful songs.

Just as Gustavo Cerati did, one of the singers of rock most listened to, at the time he composed I take you to take me. Therefore, in this article we tell you all the details. Don’t miss them!

The link between Gustavo Cerati and Cecilia Amenábar, the woman for whom he made a song

Gustavo met Cecilia Amenábar, a former Chilean model, at a press conference. They had a pleasant interaction. Because of that, exchanged phone numbers to stay in touch.

However, the love interest arose when she introduced herself to the singer in one of her dreams. Right there, he made the decision to call her.

But it wasn’t that easy. The person who answered the phone was the woman who took care of Cecilia’s house and told her that she had moved to another apartment.

However, that lady agreed to dictate the new number and Cerati wrote it down very carefully. He was able to contact the woman he was looking for so much and in the middle of the call she asked him when they were getting married.

This is how they began to have recurring dates and realized that there was a wonderful chemistry between them. In this way, they were encouraged to have a relationship.

Product of the charming romance that they lived for several years, they received the news that they were going to be parents. Consequently, Gustavo Cerati decided to move to Santiago —where Cecilia was living— to be very attentive to his beloved and her baby.

Also, they got married. They lived multiple unforgettable experiences day by day and the muse flowed to produce a song that would identify them.

How was the project “I take you so you can take me” born?

After living together, Gustavo and Cecilia always went hand in hand. As the woman stated before the media, they took each other to the mountains, to planes and to any destination they had in mind.

In addition, at all times they were singing and dancing in the middle of the streets. Her great intention was to share quality time.

So much so, that once Cerati was on tour in Venezuela and had a day off, he took the opportunity to make an interesting plan with his partner. Consequently, they went to an amusement park.

As a result of that situation, at that moment they said the phrase “You take me and I take you”. Therefore, when returning to the hotel, the renowned artist opened his notebook and began to write a song that contained that fragment.

In addition to this, he remembered that once he had attended a seer with Cecilia and she had told them that they knew each other from another life. In this way, he also included that expression in the musical piece.

Additional song details

After making the most of the inspiration, the song was ready and released in the year 1993. It became a crucial milestone in Gustavo Cerati’s career. It is recognized as the first single he recorded for yellow love, his number 1 solo album.

From the first second it was made quite clear that this project was dedicated to the relationship with Cecilia Amenábar. For this, The woman appears in the video clip showing her adorable pregnant belly and the baby’s heartbeat is part of the melody.

Similarly, she sang a couple of verses of the theme song. This is how, although the couple was not together until the end of Cerati’s days, this project shows that they loved each other with their hearts and marked each other for life.

So much so, that in addition to Benito and Lisa, the 2 children they had, this song is another of the important legacies that remained from the bond. Here you can enjoy the admirable musical production created by Gustavo Cerati.

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