Solar machines created by a young man that provide drinking, safe and clean water

This young man gave great help to the regions most in need. Discover in this article all the details of the story!

Last update: September 24, 2021

Due to geography issues, lack of investment and abandonment by the competent State, many families do not have close access to drinking water. Because of this, they have to walk long hours every day to find a water source that allows them to satisfy their basic needs.

One of the cases occurred in the town of Maasai, where a young man observed that people had to walk more than 30 miles to get water. As a result, sand encouraged to start the manufacture of machines that would solve the problem for the regions that are immersed in the problem.

At first, the young man explored the grounds and realized that handpumps had been attempted before. Nevertheless, They had not worked because they required extensive maintenance and the regions did not have the resources.

At that time he decided that what had to be created was a solar pump. Well, many homes in these areas do not have electricity, but with the invention that factor would not be an impediment to obtaining water.

In this way, since 2010 it began with the development of solar machines and the project was named as Pumpmakers. What's more, Through the years it maintained the idea of ​​being made of resistant materials that could be easily found in all areas.

The final idea of ​​this condition was that the machines were suitable to withstand the elements, but they could also be easily repaired when needed.

The operation of solar machines

The young man's project began operating in 2016 in an African village called Ndoki. As a result, from that moment the 5,000 members of the community can enjoy clean water at all times to eat and bathe without inconvenience.

These solar machines are characterized by being able to obtain water from a depth of 100 meters. In addition, It is capable of supplying the population with up to 15,000 liters of water of the best quality.

The actuality

The young man's company aims to continue making life easier for a great multitude of people. Because of that, has launched its machines on the market for small businesses to purchase and ensure their jobs are done with clean water.

Apart from that, they recommend it to farmers. This because of solar machines can work on their own, water all crops properly and prevent excessive water costs.

They also want to continue generating alliances so that areas that do not have water can enjoy the alternative and improve their quality of life.

The benefits of solar energy.

The great advantage of solar energy is that it is unlimited because the sun is always present. Besides that, It is friendly to the environment because it does not generate greenhouse gases or promote global warming.

By not using electricity, when it is used in homes it reduces the cost of bills. Also, just as the young man in the story thought, It is the great alternative to use in remote areas because the sun is everywhere and allows efficient operation.