Soji, the Japanese method that helps you achieve peace of mind through cleansing

take care of our mental health should be a priority and, among other things, something that calms our mind helping us to get rid of stress and anxiety is to keep the order around us. Yes, it’s not a joke, just as we discovered that order can help you lose weight, maintaining order in your home can help you keep your mind more organized, and therefore, achieve the desired Peace of mind. This is what the ancestral ritual of the Sojialso known as the cleansing ritual, something that, according to the Buddhist monk Shoukei Matsumotoauthor of the book Soji (Kitsune Books), is essential to nourish the soul, even more so than meditation.

In Japan, Soji is one of the traditions in schools and also in martial arts dojos, and it is nothing more than clean up the stay. It is about 15 minutes a day with the aim that, in the act of cleaning, they learn to clean the ego and to be more humble. And there is no difference between graduates and less graduates, everyone must do the same cleaning job. In the act of Soji we can meditate and reflect about the mistakes and successes of our day to day to seek evolution, being an act of spiritual cleaning rather than physical.

The famous Buddhist monk and writer Shoukei Matsumoto teaches us in his book Soji to turn the daily routine of cleaning into the transformative practice of Soji. This is about eliminating frustration, sadness or everything that burdens our lives, so that there is only one mind space in peace, sparkling and clean of all outside noise. Soji is not referring to the housework of cleaning, something that very few people like, but to a spiritual practice with which to perfect ourselves. There are more and more people interested in creating habits related to order and cleanliness, and if not, look at the success that Marie Kondo has had.

According to Matsumoto, cleanliness is the basis of all good habit and it is not a complicated task. It’s just about that: clean up. And we don’t need any special skills or prior knowledge to get started. Cleanliness teaches us what is really important in our lives: the power of habits; see things as they are; not setting goals; avoid the judgments of values ​​to determine if something is good or bad; know when enough is enough; stop feeling superior or inferior to others; accept it unexpected; not depend on anyone or anything; feel in harmony with what surrounds you; learn that nothing is what it seems; establish healthy relationships with others; get rid of egocentrism; and avoid trying to find answers.

Tips to start practicing Soji:

To feed our soul and leave behind what does not bring us anything, Matsumoto give some advice:

– The first step is reduce the number of things you own. If you only keep those things that you truly want to have, there will be nothing that you want to get rid of.

– Treat your things well, lend them attentioncapture its essence and you will be able to place each object in its corresponding place.

– Get rid of the dirt: a space without dust will allow you to free your mind.

– Nothing of throw things: thank them for everything they have done for you and give them to people who need them so that they continue to perform the functions for which they exist.

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