Soccer player gave an apartment to his nanny who lived in a wooden house

There are many ways to help people we care about. The essential thing is to have a generous and supportive heart, like this athlete and his wife.

Last update: December 17, 2021

A famous soccer player moved thousands of people when he gave an apartment to his children’s nanny. It is about Hernán Barcos, the renowned champion of Peru with the Alianza Lima team. This Argentine striker could not sit idly by when he discovered the conditions in which his employee lived.

In life there is never a lack of those people capable of changing our destiny and giving us new opportunities. In this case, it was the forward and his partner who had this great idea. According to their possibilities, they decided to provide support to one of the most important people in your home. And it is that there has to be more than trust with the person who takes care of the little ones.

The woman, a mother of four children, was surprised to learn that she had adequate housing for herself and her family. This immense gift would have been planned between the athlete and his wife, Giuli Cunha, who also starred in the exciting moment. We invite you to know this gesture of solidarity and darling.

He gave her an apartment and it changed her life

María Allcca is the nanny of the two sons of Hernán Barcos and lived in a little wooden house. The situation of his place of residence was precarious and this was reason enough for the footballer’s family to take action.

“She has four children and lives in a wooden house. When we learned his story, we decided to look for an apartment so that he can live as he deserves and have a better quality of life. Thank goodness, we did it ”.
-Giuli Cunha-

From living in a wooden house, Mari went on to relocate with her four children in a beautiful apartment with a balcony and a decor minimalist. Through Instagram the news was shared and both she and Giuli Cuhna exchanged affectionate messages.

“I love you very much, Mari, very much very much! Thank you for being so loving to our children. May you be very happy !!! ” Barcos’ wife wrote about a post on the social network. In turn, the nanny was quick to reply: “Thank you very much for everything, ma’am. You and your husband are the best bosses in the world. Thank you for my beautiful apartment, it is a dream come true. Thank you very much, God bless you. I love you so much”.

A dream come true

Hernán Barcos’ intentions were simple: “Live as you deserve and have a better quality of life.” Since the sports professional arrived in Peru, his nanny was of great importance and help. He cared for his children and cared for them as if they were his own.

The gratitude It is so big that, when Maria least imagined it, she gave her a dream apartment. Together with her children, the nanny has proven to be extremely happy. He was also seen on social media sharing a dinner with the couple and the children.

Without a doubt, this act generous and in solidarity, it gave them the possibilities to function in a healthier environment. There are endless ways to make a change in the lives of others. Money is not always an essential requirement to be able to share with others. Sometimes gestures are worth more than words and objects.

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