So were all the activities of Space #MOVE in our Natural Go

One more year the most natural and healthy day of the year was a success. Professionals fitness, nutrition, beauty and wellness They met on Saturday, June 29 in our III Edition of Go Natural, that counted on the sports advice of the Metropolitan Sport Club & Spa. The event was held at the Hotel Miguel Angel Garden in Madrid, a perfect environment for the occasion where dozens of attendees could enjoy a morning full of activities, sports, experiences and talks based on a healthy life style starting from the philosophy of life 'slow live'.

Lourdes Montes and Miriam Aguilar, product manager of, in the natural talk of Espacio # Respira. Go Natural 2019


In addition, the event featured a Godmother of exception, Lourdes Montes, which reminded us of the importance of integrating organic products into our daily diet. "I have learned to read labels and for children I only use organic products, I also try to make fruit and vegetables come from small local farmers and that has not been cultivated with pesticides." On this subject I am very aware, also with cosmetics ", according to he declared in an interview to Mujerhoy.

The day also counted on a space dedicated exclusively to physical activity: our #MOVE Space The assistants could enjoy from classes to learn to activate the body, up to different sessions of yoga, Zumba and muscular and resistance exercise where they gave everything in each and every one of the activities.

Yoga class Jivamukti, space #MOVE, Go Natural 2019


Jivamukti Yoga

The room began its activity with the Jivamukti Yoga class that was given by an exceptional guest to our day, the well-known fitness installer Pau_inspirafit, Paula Butragueño. A fluid yoga session where the key was in the breathing accompanied by movements and different asanas. "Yoga is the perfect tool for try to connect our most physical, mental and emotional part through breathing"In addition, Paula recalled the importance of the practice of this type of activity in women and claimed" to promote the movement of women who want to dedicate time to themselves. Doing household chores and bet to carry out this type of activities so important to take care of health ".

Active Flow, Space #MOVE, Go Natural 2019


Active Flow

Our #MOVE Space did not stop offering activities to the attendees who stood in line at the doors not to miss any of the sessions. The day in this space continued with an Active Flow session. An activity based on free movement using only the weight of your own body with a series of different stretches and postures was directed by monitors from the sports center Metropolitan Sport Club & Spa.

Zumba Class, Space #MOVE, Go Natural 2019


The most 'movidita' session of the day was undoubtedly the Zumba class in our #MOVE space. To the sound of different songs, both Latin and recent hits, all the attendees enjoyed fast, sexy and fast paced movements without missing one of the steps taken by the tireless monitors of Metropolitan Sport Club & Spa.

Cross Met Class, Space #MOVE, Go Natural 2019

Sara Hormigo

Cross Met

And the space ended with a session of Cardiovascular exercises and muscular endurance. A session consisting of a workout based on push-ups, sit-ups, squats … in a class taught by several monitors also at the Metropolitan Sport Club & Spa, to finish the day off!