Snack you think is healthy, but sabotage your diet

The healthy food It is your mantra. You spend your life counting nutrients and calories to lose weight and still, the scale doesn't lie: you don't lose weight. This may be due to different reasons (we already told you; it may be that even if you do diet and exercise do not lose weight): type of diet, age, hormonal problems … however, the different pecking that you carry throughout the day may have some guilt.

Although the debate is booming, nutritionists have always said that the best way to eat a balanced diet is to do five meals a day And that includes two snacks. But… What to eat between meals?

The most recommended are fruits and vegetables: both for its nutritional contribution and for its caloric contribution. However, on multiple occasions we resort to foods that we think are 'healthy' or even 'passable', but that do us a disservice when it comes to helping us maintain the silhouette. Which are? We show you some … the beer (or sparkling water if you're a realfooder) after work with these snacks is over.


Sorry to tell you this, but … the chips will never be healthy. And less ultraprocessed. It doesn't matter if the wrap says 'light', light or low in calories. Nor are fried seasoned vegetable alternatives that are presented as healthy alternatives to traditional options a good option. What to ask for on a terrace so as not to sin? The best option is olives.


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On rare occasions we have said that popcorn is a 'snack' that although caloric, can be healthy if done in the right way. We must reserve it for special occasions, however, the homemade way of doing them is the one that includes fewer calories and additives. The bag, microwave and ultraprocessed are enemies of your diet. Especially in cinemas.

Kikos and nuts

The same happens in the case of french fries. They do not serve healthy or low clamor options, especially if they are fried in oil or include spices such as barbecue or curry. Caloric pumps If you want to opt for the healthy alternative, eat raw or roasted nuts, but not fried. Although yes, you will not get rid of calories.


Cereal bars

They are full of additives and contain a very high caloric intake, so if you want to lose weight they are not the best option, as are nuts. If you make them homemade with natural ingredients you can take them from time to time, but forget about the ultra-processed ones.

Rice cakes

There are healthy ingredients, however you can not escape the caloric intake. They are a good option for when you have nothing more loving and you need something satiating, but not for every day since you will have to take into account the caloric calculation.

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