Smelling good is not expensive: branded men’s colognes for less than 30 euros at Amazon

Last update: December 20, 2021

The men’s colognes, although they are much stronger than the women’s, smell very good. And just like for us, for them there are also thousands of fragrances that can match their style of dress or personality. Many are pigeonholed in the same old colony when there are millions of colonies that are great and that smell great. The problem many times is that we think they are more expensive than they really are.

There are many brand name colognes or perfumes that are not expensive and are very good, smell great and last a long time. And you don’t have to spend much more than 30 euros to get them.

Today we are talking about just that, we have made a list of the best brand perfumes and colognes for men for less than 30 euros, these are the ones we have chosen:

Be by Calvin Klein

This Calvin Klein cologne is a classic that almost everyone likes. This fragrance is made for when you smell it you think of freedom. It’s a colony unisex, both boys and girls can enjoy it and It costs only 18 euros on Amazon.

This colony has a woody floral scent. It begins with notes of mint, tangerine, bergamot, washing and juniper. It is followed by notes of peach, orchid, magnolia, and jasmine, and the base notes are vanilla, cedar, sandalwood, amber, and musk. This cologne is not heavy because we can use it as another complement in our day to day.

Get the Calvin Klein Be cologne for 18 euros at Amazon

Versace Blue Jeans

This cologne stands out a lot for its bottle design, how could it be otherwise being the brand that it is. The bottle simulates being an old coke bottle, giving it a vintage touch. This cologne is for young, free-spirited guys. The price is 16 euros on Amazon.

Is a floral fragrance that starts with citrus notes, followed by more floral and woody notes and ends with notes of vanilla, amber and patchouli. Perfect for any time of the year for the freshness and at the same time warmth that it has.

Get the Versace Blue Jeans cologne for 16 euros on Amazon

Dark Blue by Hugo Boss

Of course, a Hugo Boss cologne could not be missing since they are usually one of the most sought after. This one in particular is for those who are looking for a fresh cologne that others will like as it passes by. This cologne is a bit more expensive because It costs 34 euros 75 milliliters.

The scent is from the family spicy amber, the main notes of this cologne are ginger, lime and grapefruit, followed by some notes of cardamom, geranium and sage and ends with vanilla, patchouli and wood. This cologne is perfect both for daily use and for special events.

Get the Hugo Boss Dark Blue cologne for 34 euros on Amazon

Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger

This is one of the most elegant colognes that can be given away, not only because of how it smells, but because Although the bottle is simple, it is very elegant and because of the brand that it is. It is a purely modern and American fragrance.

The aroma it has is woody, the first notes are of Cape Cod blueberries, followed by notes of yellow rose from Texas and finally red maple from Vermot. A fragrance very cool that you can use throughout the year and that will make you much more elegant. Its price is 22 euros on Amazon.

Get the Tommy Hilfiger cologne for 22 euros on Amazon

Calvin Klein IN2U

Let’s go with another Calvin Klein cologne since this brand makes very good colognes and they are not too expensive. This particular colony is for young, tech-savvy and free-spirited guys. Its price is 28 euros for 150 milliliters on Amazon.

The aroma of this cologne is citrus, It begins with notes of green lemon, gin fizz and grapefruit leaves, followed by notes of pepper and cocoa, and ends with vetiver, white cedar and musk. It is not a very strong cologne, it is informal and sporty.

Get the Calvin Klein IN2U cologne for 28 euros at Amazon

The Real Madrid neighborhood

Last but not least, the Real Madrid neighborhood. Well maybe this is not for you but you probably have a very close friend who is from Real Madrid and that he will love everything that has to do with it, if so this is a great gift. The price of this cologne is 25 euros on Amazon.

The dream of any madridista, this fragrance is fresh and with citrus notes, so that we can carry it on a day-to-day basis since its smell will not tire us. Is in concrete it’s 100 milliliters, so it’s a pretty good and pretty affordable gift.

Get the Real Madrid cologne for 25 euros on Amazon

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