Small balconies: how to decorate them and get the most out of them

Small balconies also have a myriad of uses. Decoration trends fit perfectly into them, regardless of their size. Looks a harmonious space, full of life and useful!

Last update: December 31, 2021

While the large ones have a lot of potential, the small balconies are not far behind. Lack of space does not have to be a limitation when decorating them and getting the most out of them.

On the contrary, this characteristic is key when talking about modernity and style. Don’t be discouraged! Get to work and unleash your creativity to show off an orderly, novel, original and very pleasant space.

Common mistakes to avoid when decorating small balconies

Before going into the recommendations for setting the mood for small balconies, it is essential that you know everything you should avoid. Pay attention to the list that we present below.

Decorate without painting and clean previously

This forgetfulness is a classic. The first step in decorating is painting. Take a look at the walls, railings, door, and furniture that need to be painted to make them look like new.

Then, dedicate yourself to cleaning. Take everything out of the balcony, discard what does not serve you and do a deep cleaning to remove the dirt. Start from scratch!

Saturate the space

This error is one of the most frequent in the world of decoration: cluttering the space with one and another and another thing. First of all, become aware that less is more.

If your balcony is saturated, it will be uncomfortable. Simplicity will make it the ideal corner.

Choose materials that do not withstand the weather

Something that you cannot ignore is buy materials that resist inclement weather. It is no secret to anyone that balconies receive sun, rain, wind and humidity.

The textiles of the cushions or carpets, the furniture and the ornaments must be of quality.

Tips for decorating small balconies correctly

If you want to have a small balcony that is comfortable and pleasant, follow these 10 tips. Do not miss them!

1. Includes plants

Imagining a balcony without plants is impossible. Even when the area is very small, it is always important that it has that natural and fresh touch.

Of course, you should choose species that are adapted to outdoor conditions. Discard those that grow too large. Instead, opt for specimens like cacti, petunias, begonias, wild garlic, and ferns.

If you like pendants, in a short time they will conquer all eyes. As they grow, your wall will come to life.

Heart succulents and ivy are good alternatives. What matters most is that you make the selection paying attention to the shade, the sun and the care they deserve.

A trick that does not fail is to install a vertical planter on the wall, use a tall planter that has several containers, a shelf, some shelves, enable a hanging planter of the size you prefer or a small metal or wooden greenhouse.

Vertical gardens allow you to take advantage of the space to add green to the small balcony.

2. Place seats

One of the objectives that you should prioritize in your plan is comfort, which happens to make all areas habitable or functional. Consequently, one way to guarantee a pleasant stay is with one or more seats, with personalized measurements, cushions and drawers.

The main advantages of this type of furniture is its versatility and ability to fully adapt to the space you have. For example, you can have a sofa and add a couple of drawers at the bottom.

3. Try garden furniture that works for small balconies

Another resource that would come in handy is to introduce garden furniture: a small table, a hanging chair, an L-shaped bench, a stool or an armchair. Remember to analyze the available amplitude so that everything flows.

In this sense, of course you can have two environments in the same place. The secret is in acquiring furniture for small balconies, light and easy to move; including folding.

4. Add accessories to small balconies

Without a doubt, the details make the difference. Therefore, experts advise candles, vases, tapestries, baskets, anchors and pictures with messages as decorative pieces that will provide that unique touch. Among the favorite trends are natural fibers.

In addition to this, it is worth mentioning the umbrellas and awnings, very useful to protect you from the sun during the summer and spring season, while giving you a little more privacy. Before buying, please measure the area for better precision.

5. Cover a wall with wood

To give it more authenticity and a more intimate look, think about cover one of the walls with wood, preferably the bottom one. It can be natural, mahogany or black.

The best of the case is that you can add a bench painted the same color. Take into account that, if it is a trunk model, you can store implements and other decorative objects.

6. Use the railing!

Often the railing is just that. However, from now on It will be used to hang balcony planters and folding tables designed to save space when it comes to eating or drinking tea.

7. Aim for privacy

If there is one thing missing from most balconies, it is privacy. And it is that the view of half the city seems to be in them. Given this, a practical solution is to resort to sheer curtains or a false fence with bamboo poles. With them you will conserve the illumination, but you will keep the peepers at bay, what do you think?

On the other hand, there is the way to close the balcony permanently, which implies investing a greater amount of money in the redesign. Consequently, it is essential that you take into account several aspects:

  • What floor is the apartment on?
  • The neighbors around you.
  • If you have children or children who come to visit.

8. Transform the floor

If you have a large budget to decorate your balcony, a great choice is wood tiles. Placing them is very simple, through the click system.

The appearance, in short, will resemble a terrace. There are even those who dare to reserve a piece of the balcony -or all- to place artificial grass, with white stones around it.

You can’t imagine how good it looks! Above, it is valid for any season. In summer it retains heat, while in winter it does not absorb as much moisture.

9. Reuse old things and put them on your balcony

That box that you are about to throw away can serve as a table, have you thought about it? It is time for you to activate your sustainable side. Take an inventory of the pieces that you no longer use or that you had planned to dispose of and select some for your balcony.

10. Light up in a special way

The balconies are not exclusive for the day. Keep in mind that proper lighting is essential to enjoy a special evening at night.

With this, we do not want to tell you to install reflectors that shine too much. Rather, it’s about finding the perfect balance that fits the style of your space.

Locate the luminaires in a suitable place, so that they do not get wet in the rain and do not disturb the view of your guests. Try white or colorful garlands of light bulbs; Hang them from the wall, ceiling or railing.

The choice of furniture for a small balcony must be done conscientiously, so as not to overload the place.

Ideas for putting small balconies to good use

Everyone longs to have a balcony of dreams. One that not only looks beautiful, but is the perfect setting to share with friends and family.

We share some ideas:

  • Choose a folding clothesline so you can remove it and prevent it from affecting your decoration. Those who go from the railing outwards can help you.
  • Get a closet or trunk to store those things that do not fit inside the apartment. Enable a discrete space for it.
  • Set aside a corner for your pets if you have them. In the case of dogs, it includes a kennel or a mattress for their rest. While, for cats, the litter box and scratching post will be useful.
  • Store the folding chairs and spread a mat to practice yoga, pilates or any physical activity.
  • Organize evenings with your loved ones. And it is that the life of places is in sharing, don’t you think?

Small balconies with their own styles

A mini-bastion is also part of your home. The possibility of enhancing its beauty is in your hands, take advantage of the space and make it that point where everyone wants to be.

In short, be it romantic, conservative, classic, minimalist, Japanese, rustic or whatever you want, take advantage of it and make it your form of expression.

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