Slimming on vacation is easy if you make these decisions

Summer. Sun, beach heat and … extra kilos. There is no doubt, the vacations bring a considerable increase in scale numbers. But hey, that's what they are for. After all the year waiting for that long-awaited week in the chringuito, it is normal to fall into the clutches of excess. But there is a way to keep your weight at bay (and even slim down) during these months. You will gain in health and your post-vacation depression will not be affected by the drama of wanting to wear a skirt and not being able to do it, at least, with the zipper fastened with dignity.

If you think we are being dramatic, read on: according to the Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Spaniards get fat Three kilos on average during the holidays. And it is not surprising: beers and wines in the sun. The three magic words and at the same time, diabolic: summer red. And above all: rices by do quier in immense quantities, not to mention the battered squid or the chopitos.

When we return from this spiritual (and gastronomic) retreat it is already difficult in itself to resume the routine, but much more if the first thing you must do on the desperate return is to go on a diet and fight with the kilos that have perched on your hips. Therefore, there are certain things you can do so that the silhouette does not suffer so much during these days. Of course, enjoying your vacation at all times without turning them into a martyrdom. Here are the five commandments of the vacations.


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You will love fruit over all things

Yes, we already know that a dessert is a dessert. But asking for watermelon or melon after eating will save you a lot of calories. You will also opt for the healthy option (and 'realfooder'). Are you hungry in the middle of the morning? Fruit is the solution. Do you want to snack? Carry your favorite fruit in your bag. This way you will feel less bloated and you will carry out the five meals so as not to get dinner to the family. Although you do not deprive yourself. Do you fancy ice cream? Eat it and enjoy it, but don't make it a daily routine.

Be careful with carbohydrates

The bread with aioli is a delicacy, but only once a day. That is, if you eat a little at noon, avoid it at night. And do not eat it every day, they are empty carbohydrates that all they do is satisfy you before the actual food arrives. Rices? Yes, but never at night and if they can be with vegetables better than better and change the fried for grilled foods.

Say goodbye to alcohol

We are not talking about a continuous abstemia, if you fancy a glass of wine, go ahead (these are the types of white that have fewer calories). However, accompanying all meals with alcohol is a clear mistake for two reasons. It is not necessary, you can always choose a healthier option. But above all, the caloric intake of a beer or sangria does not resemble that of a sparkling water. Do not be afraid, a slice of lemon to accompany it and go. You won't miss even the mojito!

Think about health, not calories

Although calories are an important factor, it is best to think about health. Especially at the time of pecking. A hummus with crudités will always be better than bag fries. Or some olives to some torreznos. Think like that.

Move, move

It is true that you are on vacation and that you do not feel like dedicating yourself in body and soul to a super demanding exercise routine while you are on your days off. It is understandable. However, the best thing you can do is include some physical exercise in your routine. You can even incorporate it into your daily tasks (like doing clothes, here we explain how). Walks on the beach, walks … you decide, but don't forget to move. Even if it is swimming half an hour a day, everything adds up.

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