Slim taping, an innovative treatment against cellulite

The slim taping It is a treatment against cellulite that is presented as an option for women who have little time to perform massages, therapies or specific exercises.

And it is that, although common, cellulite is still a physical aspect that worries and makes people feel uncomfortable. According to the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME), four out of ten women stop going to the beach and swimming pool in summer because of the complexes and the low self-esteem that they generate.

The main factors that determine its appearance are hormonal activity, genetic inheritance and sedentary life. This may explain why its appearance has increased in recent decades. The use of contraceptives begins at an earlier age and working life leads us to spend more time sitting and still.

Slim taping: neuromuscular bandages against cellulite

The slim taping uses the neuromuscular bandage therapeutic tool designed in the 1970s by chiropractor Kenzo Kase. Known as kinesio taping, has been used by physical therapists to treat muscle ailments and ligament injuries.

It is an elastic cotton bandage that adheres to stretched skin. It helps the formation of undulations that raise the epidermis and create a subcutaneous space in which the lymphatic capillaries, blood and nerve receptors are located. In this way, circulation is benefited and changes occur in the skin.

When there are muscle injuries, the bandage of this type reduces swelling, pain and allows the regeneration of tissues. But due to these benefits on the lymphatic system and microcirculation it has been proposed that the slim taping be a treatment with visible and rapid effects against cellulite.

Stretch marks and cellulite are frequent reasons of modesty among women, even preventing them from doing leisure activities.

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How slimp taping works and what are its benefits

The brand Cure Tape ®, renowned for the manufacture of neuromuscular bandages, has developed a special tape called punch, used in the slim taping. Is it has a pattern of holes that exert different pressure points. Thus, the skin and lymphatic system receive stimuli in different directions and additional impulses, compared to the kinesio taping normal.

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What is the relationship between the lymphatic system and cellulite?

Unlike what we believe, cellulite is not just an accumulation of fat. When fat cells swell and gather together, they alter the function of blood vessels. and they cause fluid retention, together with poor drainage that, over time, forms gel capsules. This gives the external appearance of cellulite.

Therefore, the technique of slim taping It allows a lymphatic drainage under the skin in which fluids and toxins are eliminated. Its benefits would be the following:

  • In the first session, a bandage will be put on that you will keep for 7 days. This would translate into a change in the appearance of the skin within a week.
  • After performing the number of sessions recommended by the specialist, the effects of slim taping they would be durable.
  • These tapes do not contain any chemicals, cosmetics, creams or oils. Being made with cotton fibers and 100% latex free, are considered hypoallergenic.
  • They are a soft, thin bandage that does not cause any pain.
  • It is compatible with other aesthetic therapies. You should consult with a specialist so that the combination of treatments works as you expect.

Contraindications of slim taping as a treatment against cellulite

In pregnancy the slim taping, and neither can anticoagulated patients.

Even when it is a treatment that seems safe, it is important that you attend a diagnostic session with a specialist and that slim taping be applied by him. The type of cellulite, the areas to be treated, the number of bandages and sessions you require will be evaluated.

Most people can have the slim taping, but not suitable for pregnant or lactating women. Neither for patients with fever, anticoagulated, with thrombosis, tumors or an open wound.

Don't hide in the summer

Remember that you have many possible treatments on hand that can reduce cellulite; each according to your time and your resources. Among the options, apart from slim tapingYou also have exposure to the sun, which allows you to produce vitamin D, strengthen your immune system and stimulate blood flow. Therefore, do not hide!

Keep in mind that there are physiological explanations that justify the existence of cellulite and it does not represent a risk to your health.