Six-month-old girl contracts herpes from a kiss

A 6-month-old girl was infected with complicated herpes, however, the timely intervention of the doctors saved her life.

Last update: 25 January, 2022

When a baby comes into the world, it generates happiness and enthusiasm in all its surroundings. Because of that, it is normal that each of the loved ones wants to go to meet him immediately and show him all his love.

However, it is essential that parents know how to take precautions. Well, excessive contact can spread complex infections to the newborn.

So knew Holly Cruokshans and her husband, a couple who had long wanted to have a baby, but hadn’t been able to. Nevertheless, finally they were able to fulfill the dream they longed for so much.

The couple was characterized by having a large number of friends and family. Because of that, when they heard the news, they began to visit the home periodically.

Because of that, the couple stressed at all times to visitors not to kiss the baby to prevent viruses. However, the same parents could not resist showing their affection to the baby through kisses.

But, despite all the care, Upon waking up one morning, they began to experience an anguished situation. Below we tell you all the details.

herpes contagion

Baby Hoarle, the baby in question, he woke up one day with a large number of sores near his eyes and all over his body. As a result of this fact, her parents immediately took her to a hospital entity.

There the specialists ruled that the 6-month-old girl had contracted herpes. Because of this, they gave him intravenous medication to prevent permanent damage to his eyes.

Thanks to that prompt intervention, body swelling decreased markedly and the baby’s eyes remained perfect. In addition, fortunately, after a few days he was able to fully recover.

That way, today parents have taken much more care of the baby. Well, they want to avoid at all costs that their health is violated again.

General background on herpes

Herpes is an infectious disease that causes blisters and scabs all over the body. It can be spread after touching, salivary contact, or sexual interaction with an infected person.

Although it is not a disease that usually occurs a lot in newborns, it does represent a high vulnerability for them. Well, At this stage, the immune system is not yet fully developed to protect itself effectively.

This infection in some cases can only manifest in the mouth or eyes. But nevertheless, If left untreated, it can spread to delicate organs like the lungs, muscles, and liver.

Therefore, in those moments they can cause difficulty breathing. In addition, one of the frequent symptoms apart from the rash is high fevers.

Final reflection

In view of this, it is essential that people with allergies in the mouth or body avoid getting close to newborns. In addition, It is vital that before having contact with the baby, all people wash their hands thoroughly.

Similarly, it is a good idea for all parents to prohibit visitors from kissing children. Well, in some cases, despite not having noticeable symptoms, babies can be infected with complex viruses.

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