Single women of the world, you have to know something: living with a partner makes you fat

Have you ever been told that the love grows? If the answer is affirmative, we corroborate it. When we are in love we gain some kilo and the scale is confused, but when we go to live with our partners, the truth is that it shoots.

Or at least, that's what a group of scientists say led by the nutritionist Penny Gordon-Larsen, who have evaluated more than 7,000 individuals since 1996 and a total of 1,200 couples.


The results? There is a very close relationship between couples living together and obesity. The explanation is simple, couples acquire the gastronomic habiots of the other and the faults are not so serious if they are shared. What translates into junk food, poor diet or continuous whims if the other person wants it. The kilos make their stellar appearance when they are met two years from the beginning of the coexistence, moment in which the relationship is consolidated.

Another factor that influences is the lack of need on both sides, according to the study, to take care of their figure, since both are following the same steps and healthy eating goes to the background.

There is no doubt, if you are single and in full bikini operation, continue like this. You will save several kilos to your scale and you will gain in health. Gone are the gastronomic treats on a Tuesday night.

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