Simple yoga exercises to eliminate toxins from your body

Many of the foods we eat, the habits we have or even the pollution that surrounds us cause a lot of toxins to accumulate in our body. Organs such as the lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines and skin help us eliminate these substances and maintain good health.

But sometimes we need to help this process. Stress, fatigue or any other type of imbalance on a physical, mental or emotional level can hinder the natural release of toxins. To give it a boost, yoga can be a great ally.

Here we share some very simple exercises for you to put your body in motion and release, clean and download everything you do not need. This will give way to the new, nutritious and positive for you, on all levels of your life.

Take your yoga mat and start now!

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I greet the sun

To start, you can do some repetitions of the sun salutation. At first, softer and then, printing a little more dynamism. This is a great sequence that will allow you to mobilize your body and all your energy. It will bring you vitality, at the same time that it will make your body more flexible and will oxygenate you through conscious breathing. With some repetitions, you will start perspiring, and that will help you eliminate toxins.
This is the sequence you must repeat:


With more energy in the body you can add some twists. What is the key to doing them? Exercise opposing forces as if you wanted to project yourself for two opposite sides. Let's see some:
  • Parivrtta parsvakonasana or torsion of the sentence (image on the left)

For this torsion, you can support the knee of the back leg, if you find it more comfortable. Try to subtly press the palms of your hands together, not only to generate more stability but also as a point of concentration and presence. Try to look over your shoulder, as if you wanted to peek through it.

  • Parivrtta trikonasana or torsion triangle (image on the right)
For this position you can use a block or block that works as an aid to support your hand and extend your legs. Seek to open your chest to the side of the torsion and look at your hand that stretches to the sky.


This posture helps to expand the entire lower zone. If it bothers you or you still can't support your heels, place a rolled blanket under them. Try to remain in the posture during some breaths.
Torsions and postures that expand the lower and abdominal area, such as malasana or duck posture, help digestive motility and motility; which is essential to detoxify your body.


This posture not only brings calm to your body, but also massages the intestines and other organs in the abdomen. In addition, it helps digestion and gas release. You can start by flexing your right leg (with your head resting on the floor or facing your knee) and giving yourself some breaths. Then change legs. To finish, flex both legs, and swing at your sides, giving your back a massage.

To end

Drop your legs to your right side with a big sigh, while bringing your arms and head to the other side. Then, change sides and exhale long again. Your breathing is essential when releasing. Go back to the center and rest for a few minutes.
When you continue with your day, you will not be the same as before you started your practice, because the energy was mobilized, and the body perspired, helping you release toxins and recycle.

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