Simple realfooding changes to incorporate into your diet

There is no better month than January to sign up for a healthy life. Carlos Ríos, the creator of 'realfooding' lifestyle It has created a 21-day challenge (which takes a while to create a habit) to move on to a healthy life.

To facilitate this journey, the nutritionist has shared through his Instagram account his application, @myrealfood_app some changes we can make without giving up our tastes, but replacing them with healthier alternatives.

Realfooding changes

It is about changing the chocolate spreads with sugars and insane ingredients for healthier alternatives sweetened with dates and without palm oil.

Under any circumstances, a natural fruit juice will always be better than a packaged one.

Sometimes, yogurts with pieces of fruit include sugars and unnecessary ingredients. It is much better to choose the fruit that you like and incorporate it into yogurt.

It has been spread that butter is not healthy due to its great caloric intake. As a substitute it has been established that margarine is healthier, without mebargo, it is not true. It has fewer calories but insane ingredients, while butter is a derivative of milk.

Soluble cocoa for milk has insane ingredients and a high sugar content. The best option is 100% pure cocoa.

The fried tomato is another of the foods that although we do not believe it, they have many insane ingredients: a lot of sugar, preservatives … the best option is to make it homemade, but if you do not have time the crushed natural is the healthiest option .

Sliced ​​bread is also another of the foods we consume on a daily basis. The refined flours and sugars present in this type of bread make it insane. The best option is 100% whole wheat bread without added sugars.

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