Signs that your “friend” is not really your friend

There are people who appear to be beneficial in our life, however, with these behaviors they show you that they are the opposite.

Last update: December 27, 2021

The human being is an individual who needs to live in society to develop, express their points of view and learn. But nevertheless, not all the people you meet have good intentions to contribute to your life.

Friendships are essential in people’s lives. Well, let you feel important, advise you, give you the best advice to solve a problemThey help you unburden yourself and are a fundamental guide to meeting your goals.

For that reason, it must be clear that you cannot call just anyone a friend. This because of there are a lot of people who appear to be good company and end up causing harm.

What most requires care is that in most cases a strategy is devised to go unnoticed and manipulate at will. Due to this, below we detail what are the signs that show you that a person is not really your friend.

1. They want to compete at all times

False friends always seek to demean others in order to feel superior. That way, when a person shares an achievement with you, They do not rejoice, but rather express that this fact does not mean anything and that something much better has happened to them.

Because of that, the only thing they get is that people doubt their abilities. Also, that they feel insecure about expressing what happens to them or what they feel in future occasions.

2. They mistreat you in front of others

As we have said before, these people are characterized by being self-centered people. Thus, being with a large number of individuals they are capable of mistreating and humiliating to be the center of attention.

With this, what they cause is that people feel that they are not worth it and weaken their self-esteem. This is how they can never be assigned the role of friends, since a friendship acts with respect in all circumstances.

3. They only show up when they need favors

People who aren’t really friends show up only when they’re in trouble. In that way all they want is to satisfy their own need and not bring any benefit in the lives of others.

Besides that, they are never willing to show up when the other person needs them. Well, at that time they do not find any superficial incentive in between and, therefore, they are absent.

4. They leave you standing

A false friend does not mind being absent no matter it is a special occasion. Added to that, They do it without warning and without providing any explanation or apology.

This is a harmful fact because it makes people feel that they do not have support to accompany them in momentous moments. In addition, it makes them think that they surely did something wrong at some point and the fault is only theirs.

5. They make you feel left out

These individuals are capable of leaving a person out of an important plan. Well, they do not consider your presence as a priority.

In that way cause the person to feel that their company is not relevant anywhere. In addition, the only thing it does is make it uncomfortable when it inhabits any environment.

6. They talk bad about you with other people

A false friend reveals a person’s adverse situations and makes fun of them with others. That way, His only intention is to judge and rejoice in the evil of others.

Similarly, they are willing to speak ill of someone if it offers them personal benefit. Because of that, They cannot be considered friends because they will always be next to a person for convenience.

Unmasking them in time is essential

People who pretend to be friends end up damaging mental and emotional health. For this reason, it is essential to close the doors as soon as the first attack is detected.

Apart from this, it is vital that people are clear that friendships are reciprocally delivered. In that way If you feel that someone is only consuming your energy, it is clear that you have to move him away and not give him confidence.

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