Signs that the water coming out of your tap may be bad

Refreshing and necessary, Water is a luxury where we do not usually repair, even though many countries around the world suffer shortage problems. Some claim to notice difference between the kitchen and the bathroom and others they choose to filter it because they are not very sure of the pipes of their home. That's right. Have you ever open the tap and you have found that liquid that had to be transparent Did it look more brown?

The residents of Flint, Michigan, they experienced it in 2014, and maybe if you had any cut reforms in your home You have suffered something similar. An unpleasant brown mud that tasted of metal came out from the taps of their homes, which was an early sign that something was wrong with the city's supply (the location had recently been changed). This new water source I had corroded the pipes, allowing toxic levels of lead they will seep into the drinking water. Conclusion? Around 10,000 people suffered poisoning, one of the worst health disasters in the history of U.S, according to 'Business Insider'.

It should be colorless, odorless and tasteless, so be careful if it is cloudy, smells funny or has an unusual color, it could be dangerous to your health

The water is contaminated when the presence of Chemical components in nature it is a density higher than the natural situation. In those countries where the water is not drinkable (Chad, Mongolia, Mozambique or Madagascar, to give examples), diarrheal diseases cause millions of deaths, in addition to other problems related to malnutrition and the environment. Luckily, there are tricks and signals that can warn us that the water that comes out of the tap is not safe.

Is it clear?

Colorless, odorless and tasteless, you already know the rules. One way to know if the water is contaminated is to check if it is cloudy. When there have been power cuts in your home, it is best to let the tap run for a while and check that everything works correctly.

Although the cloudy water is not necessarily dangerous to health, it could indicate the presence of pathogens or unsafe products, so do not play it.

Check your hands

In the case of the residents of Flint, they assured that the water was not good because it seemed very sticky. It is characterized by an accumulation of substances such as calcium or magnesium, which they leave deposits in the sink, faucet or glass. If your hands are sticky after washing them or you need more Detergent to wash clothes could also indicate a problem, although do not be scared, it is not a sure sign that it is contaminated. It could be either due to an excess of calcium or magnesium (which does not cause harm), although it could also indicate that there is presence of aluminum or lead.

The color

Comes out yellowish or brown? It could indicate that there is chrome-6, a cancer-causing chemical that is sure to be familiar to you if you've seen 'Erin Brockovich '. It could also indicate that there is accumulation of iron, copper, lead or oxide, which produces bacteria. Check if it only appears when the cold water runs, because then it may be because they are cleaning the pipes.

Green or blue? It is often a sign of high copper levels caused by corroded pipes. Copper is not bad in small dose, but high levels of exposure can produce anemia or liver and kidney damage, so, again, do not play it.

The smell

He warns us quickly that something strange is happening. The smell of rotten eggs, for example, means that water could contain hydrogen sulfide, a colorless gas that if exposed to certain bacteria it becomes sulfate and can cause dehydration or diarrhea. If it smells fishy it indicates an excess of the barium chemical, which can leak into the water through the perforation and cause kidney, liver or heart damage. If you smell chlorine, be careful, because in excess it also causes problems (irritation on the skin or increase the cancer risk).

A trick is to pour the water into a glass and go to another room, moving it, to check if the smell continues. It is true that a filtration system At home it is useful, although it serves more to eliminate the bad taste of the products derived from chlorination. The best thing is that you know first-hand the water quality reports and that, of course, you smell and observe well in case of noticing something suspicious.