Signs that indicate that the anxiety you feel is a real problem

Anxiety is not something that arises nowadays due to the inability to deal with the problems of the present. Already in antiquity it was a common problem, which could also affect people as important as the same politician and philosopher Seneca. He said: "There are more things that scare us than those that can really crush us, we suffer more often in the imagination than in reality."

Anxiety is like a prison in our head. It does not allow us to be happy because it keeps us worried about things that still do not happen, it generates an irrational fear about aspects of our life that seem important, but that really are not everything.

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For example, today it is very common to have anxiety at work. It is true that we spend much of the day in the office and that our income often depends on that job, but the immense anxiety generated by the idea of ​​losing a job does not match the true possibilities of that happening.

We are rational beings, but that is where the cause of our anxiety lies. Then, we could say that it is something natural in human beings. However, there are times when we must focus our attention on the real problem. That is, not in what we believe will happen, which is why we have anxiety, but in the anxiety itself.

When is a real problem?

If the anxiety you feel becomes sick, you should stop considering it part of your daily life and you need to find a way to get rid of it. These are some signs that indicate that it has become a real problem:

  • It arises as a disproportionate response to everyday situations, such as not finding a place to park.
  • It is so intense that it becomes a real suffering and hinders what we have to do.
  • It is prolonged and prevents us from living normally.
  • It becomes uncontrollable and generates impotence and anger towards ourselves.

Unfortunately, anxiety often puts us in an unexpected position, because it absorbs, tires and limits us. We stop being that proactive person and we become a shell of what we were at some point. Our capacity is limited and we can not act according to the things we want to solve.

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Asking for help is important. If you think you are not making it on your own, there is nothing like getting close to a loved one and taking what is inside you. Many times we do not approach them because we believe they will judge us, but in truth people are much more empathetic than we think.

The first approach can show you that you are not alone in this, but remember that a real problem needs a professional. It allows a person with experience and professional understanding of what happens to talk to you. From there, you can find different ways to solve the problem, which can range from meditation to medical treatment and non-invasive.

We are quite volatile beings. Many times we do not want to accept that something happens to us because it goes against what we have been all our lives, but we must accept that what we live and think changes every day, so it is not impossible that one day the anxiety will come to us .

And you, what do you do to deal with anxiety?

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