Sexual compatibility: everything you need to know

Have you ever wondered what sexual compatibility is, but haven't known how to answer? It is normal. Although they are two everyday words, there are several things that escape popular knowledge.

Sexual compatibility could be briefly defined as the set of beliefs, values, needs and desires related to sexual relations that coincide in two people. This would be compatibility, but there is much more.


Do you know that feeling that you have connected with another person? It is energy and a kind of attraction that you cannot feel, but that is there. It arises due to that coincidence in values, needs and desires that was mentioned in the previous section. By noticing and feeling that everything fits, it is inevitable that sexual compatibility appears.

Recognize the signals of the other

Despite this connection, it is important to learn to recognize the signals of the other in order to be aware of that sexual compatibility. If you do not notice these signs, it will be very difficult for you to have more than a friendship (and hopefully that). But What are those signs you shouldn't miss?

The way the other person looks at you, how they get nervous when they are around you, their approaches and subtle actions such as brushing your hand they indicate that they are attracted to you. There are many clues that the other person likes you. So keep your eyes and senses wide awake.

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Sexual compatibility: having the same appetite

There are people who do not have sexual desire, as an article published in Psychiatry MMC, and others who have a big appetite. It all depends on the person. For this reason, sexual compatibility is very important: it is about both partners sharing the same appetite. If not, it would be clear that they would not be compatible.

If a partner does not have the same sexual appetite, frustrations and recriminations may arise.

Similar views on sex

What does it mean to have a similar view on sex? Basically, it is conceiving it in the same way; For example, if you like trying new things or using sex toys, the other person should like it the same or at least be open to trying it. Why? Because this is what sexual compatibility is based on.

If you do not have a similar vision about sex with the other person, it will be very difficult for you to enjoy them in bed and for you to be compatible in this regard. Thus, to talk about compatibility it is important to agree on this point.

Share the same likes

Another fundamental aspect to be able to talk about sexual compatibility is to share the same tastes in this area. If you like the bondage, but not the other person, you can hardly explore and fully enjoy sex.

Therefore, it is very important that your tastes coincide, not only in the rest of the facets of your life, but also in the sexual field. Have you ever considered it before?

What does compatibility depend on?

In addition to all of the above, compatibility depends, according to Men's Health Medical Literature for Patients, on pheromones and genetic compatibility that activates desire as well as sexual response. However, other factors also influence here, such as, for example, that the other person fits or approaches the ideal partner model that you have in your mind.

In conclusion, compatibility must occur in many ways: from the psychological point of view, personality, values ​​and erotic behavior.

However, just as sexual compatibility can be born (seemingly out of nowhere), the opposite can also happen, that is to say that it is lost. This can happen if the values ​​change or if in fact there was no compatibility from the beginning, but the expectations of the other person played a trick on you.

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How to regain sexual compatibility?

Spending time alone with your partner is essential to awaken desire.

Fortunately, a lost sexual compatibility can be regained. For this reason, some couples decide to go to the sexologists' consultation to find a solution to what is happening to them. Things were not always bad and in this you may see yourself reflected. However, rest assured: you can recover what you lost.

  • Explore new horizons: introducing sex toys, trying new practices … All this can awaken pleasure and allow you to discover tastes that you didn't know you had before. You will enjoy sex more.
  • Spending time alone: Sometimes children or day-to-day responsibilities prevent you from having time to talk or for sex to arise. Therefore, it is necessary to find moments to be together and strengthen intimacy.
  • Find your own rhythmIf you have more sexual desire than your partner, you can find a balance if you talk about it. You don't always have to be on the same level in everything. Unless you are at two opposite ends, this can work.

As you can see, it is important that there is a sexual compatibility, but this does not mean that you have to be the same as the other person. There will always be different levels and the fundamental thing is that you find a balance. For it, The communication is very important.