Sex without penetration, is it possible?

Have you heard your friend tell you that she went out with a boy, touched a little or kissed her genitals, but there was no sex? It is common for many people to express themselves that way, especially women, Believing that there is no sex without penetration.

However, it is important to emphasize the need to put aside such beliefs. That is, we cannot continue to think that, if there was no penetration, then it is not about sex, because the truth is that it works like this.

In any type of encounter in which there is oral sex, mutual masturbation, or rubbing, even if there is no penetration, it can be said that there was sex.

The belief of thinking has been extended that these sexual practices are isolated from the sexual act itself, or that it is only "previous games" or "preliminary games".

But, such thoughts only make women give more importance to having a penis inside their vagina, than to the need for pleasure.

Sex without penetration does exist

Today, experts are more focused on clarifying these doubts and misconceptions that persist in a significant number of the female and male population.

In fact, some stores selling erotic products have also dedicated themselves to this issue and created online questionnaires. for users to analyze their sexual behaviors and can clarify what really happens when they have an intimate encounter with someone.

Although there is still a lot of taboo around this issue, the truth is that it is possible to have sex without penetration.

A popular belief is to think that sex is only reduced to penetration so that it can be considered as such; However, this type of thinking is reductionist. When we think like this, we do not consider those people who enjoy an active sex life, in which there is no presence of penises.

Indeed, our western culture tends to be phallocentric and to dismiss other types of sexual encounters. As stated by the sexologist, psychologist and couples therapist, Ana Lombardía, there is a pressure so that both women and men feel the obligation to include penetration in their routine.

Thus, she maintains that:

“We feel a pressure for all sexual encounters to end with a penetration and a movie orgasm, but these ideas must change. Sexuality should be oriented to do everything we like, and whenever we want, without having to conform to specific norms. ”

Clearly, These ideas come from the lack of education about sexuality and, in those cases in which the person has received sexual education, this has not always prioritized the pleasure of the woman.

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Sex is much more complex

Another rooted idea that gives strength to the previous idea – that sex is reduced to penetration – is that Many people still believe that we all should be heterosexual and cisgender. This, of course, has only dragged more prejudices.

For this reason, some sexologists go against the concept of sexual preliminaries, since they exhaust the expressiveness of true sexuality believing that everything that is not penetration is less important in privacy. However, there are also other ways of having sex in which penetration does not matter.

It is thought that the preliminaries are those games prior to what is really important, that is, penetration. For this reason, Dr. Lombardía emphasizes that:

"The only truth is that all sexual practices are complete and full on their own, whether or not there is penetration, or concludes or not with an orgasm."

Indeed, after consulting many women, some studies argue that penetration is not their preferred practice, since Other sexual expressions are more exciting.

In addition to this, other investigations also confirm that Not all women can have an orgasm if they are only penetrated. However, this is something that many keep silent.

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One of the most widespread myths is that women only achieve fullness with penetration. Far from this idea, there are other sexual practices that can be more exciting.

Women can be reeducated

It is worth asking who are really women who are willing to reeducate themselves and fight to have a less exclusive sexuality, in which a recognition is made of all the sexual potential that our bodies hide.

This new way of observing sexuality allows us to release all those misconceptions, or misplaced, that force us to have intimate meetings whose purpose is penetration.

Similarly, addressing sexuality as the complex dimension that it really is, It helps us understand that what really matters is to communicate with the couple, and let him know what we like to be done to us and what we like to do.