Sex addiction is already disease

In the year 2014, the great Danish filmmaker Lars Von Trier He highlighted the problem of sex addiction in his film Ninfomanía (Nymphomaniac), as well as hinting at his well-known problems with alcohol and depression. Numerous famous people have publicly declared suffering from this disorder as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan or Hugh Grant.

New classification

Last May, the World Health Organization (WHO) met in Switzerland to adopt, in a formal way, the new international classification of diseases (ICD-11). In the new classification, addiction to sex, videogames, job burn-out -Burn-at-work syndrome- or resistance to antibiotics, among others, they are in the category of diseases. This classification was already published in 2018 to enable its revision and must be adopted definitively in January 2022 by the member countries. For the first time in recent years, it will be completely redesigned, including almost 55,000 diseases. In Geneva, 4,000 delegates from the 194 member states met. The motto has been "Universal health care: nobody should be left behind".

This catalog lists the diseases, their symptoms and the causes of these, in such a way that each one of them is given a code. This favors the unification of the terminology with which each of these aspects is named, at an international level. In this way facilitates the registration and production of statistics, useful, for example, for the realization of scientific works, preventive medicine, etc.

Loss of control of sexual impulses is more common than we think

With the diagnostic key 6C72, WHO experts have included compulsive sexual behavior. The disproportionate consumption of pornographic content, telephone sex, which is on the rise, etc. The diagnosis is made when a person can not control their intense and recurrent sexual desire for long periods of time and that ends up affecting their family, work and social life. The loss of control is the keyThose affected can no longer change their behavior on their own and need help. This disorder could be more frequent than we think, mainly due to the use of Internet and, in our country, could affect 8% of the population, according to statistics.

Problems at work

Burn-out or exhaustion at work It is defined as a chronic stress caused by loss of interest in the realization of this. Usually due to different causes, such as poor relationship with the boss, lack of recognition, etc. All of the above produces negative feelings, greater distance from work and a decrease in work performance.

More than 80% of young people and adolescents use videogames as a means of entertainment and even to socially interact, since thanks to the network they can interconnect, talk and even see each other through videoconferencing, without this being a pathological behavior. The problem comes when this is done compulsively. It can interfere in sleep, academic results and even, paradoxically, in social relationships, because when the time comes, the only thing that the affected think is to be connected playing and only leave their room to perform their basic needs. The key is again the need for specialized help to change that behavior.

Definitely, The step WHO has taken recognizing these disorders as diseases is very important, because thanks to him the affected will have the right to a treatment. With the new classification patients, doctors and psychologists will have it easier when dealing with insurance companies, since many times they had to codify other pathologies to attend these diseases and also the health systems could direct economic resources to try to alleviate them.

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