Seven foods to make detox before the Roscón de Reyes

The countdown has begun. From January 7th You will no longer have an excuse to stuff yourself with nougat, donuts and Roscón de Reyes. You have been eating without stopping for a month, and you think it is time to stop. A detox retreat is an excellent day, especially now that there is the last push, the delicious cream-filled roscón. It makes our mouths water.

Take advantage and reduce calorie intake for a couple of days before January 5 and 6 to not feel so heavy.

How? There are certain anti-inflammatory foods that purify the body that you can introduce in your diet quickly and easily. We tell you what they are.


We all know that it is one of the most diuretic foods there is. Anti-inflammatory, helps to lose fluid, it is satiating and you can incorporate it in almost every meal. If you have pineapple breakfast and pineapple dinner combined with a low caloric and light meal, you will notice the difference.



Another of the star 'detox' foods is cucumber. Combined with pineapple, it is a perfect combination to deal with Christmas swelling. In smothie, in salad … it is one of the vegetables with more water and vitamins that exist, which helps to lose fluid and gain health.


It is another star vegetable to lose liquids. The artichoke helps to deflate, and next to the pineapple, it creates an excellent combination to escape from polvorones, nougat and Christmas sweets.


It is one of the great allies of heavy digestions. Include it in your meals to relieve the empacho and to feel lighter. It is simple to combine in the dishes and a natural detoxifier of the most beneficial.



It is one of the star citrus for deflate and eliminate toxins. Squeeze half a lemon first thing in the morning in a glass of warm water to achieve a draining and purifying effect. It helps eliminate toxins and lose fluids.


It is a species of the most beneficial for the organism for its properties, in addition to being one of the main protagonists of Ayurveda culture. It is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and digestive so it helps the body to deflate and feel lighter.

Horse tail

It is another of the diuretics par excellence for not retaining liquids. All you have to do is a tea with this herb (you can mix it with fennel or nettle for a greater effect) and drink it throughout the day. You will feel much lighter.

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