Semen that comes out like white jelly: is it normal?

A semen that comes out as white jelly, despite the concern it may cause, does not always mean a health problem. Read on and find out what the causes are.

Last update: 03 March, 2022

Sometimes, the semen comes out as a white jelly or with a thick and lumpy appearance; while other times it is more watery or transparent. This may be a cause for concern for some men.

Although it is true that this fluid, made up of sperm and seminal fluid, is usually viscous, its consistency may vary due to various factors. They range from food and hydration to possible pathologies.

Next we will know the causes why the semen comes out as white jelly. We will also discuss if this is normal or if it should be a cause for concern.

What is semen?

Semen is a viscous substance that the man expels through the penis at the time of ejaculation. Its function is to serve as a vehicle for the sperm to reach the egg and produce fertilization.

However, several organs of the male reproductive system are involved in its production. Each one fulfills a particular function:

  • testicles: Sperm are formed in the seminiferous tubules of the testes.
  • Seminal vesicles: provide most of the fluid or liquid. It occurs in them semenogelinthe substance that makes semen have that thick consistency.
  • Prostate: produces the call Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA); this enzyme breaks down semenogelin, making the semen less dense.

Regarding the characteristics of semen, qualitatively and quantitatively speaking, we can point out the following:

  • His volume can vary from 1.5 milliliters to almost 7.
  • It is composed of 10% sperm, 15 to 30% antigen and the rest is the secretion of the vesicles.
  • The number of sperm per ejaculate is also variable, from 15 to 200 million.
  • It is whitish in color, although it can be yellow, sometimes almost transparent or reach a gray tone.
  • Its consistency is denseso that it is not easily expelled from the vagina.
  • It is of high acidity.

What can change the appearance of semen?

The amount and appearance of semen is variable. Even its smell, texture and taste. There are different factors that can affect its characteristics:

  • Active sexual life.
  • Fluid intake and nutrition.
  • Environmental and body temperature.
  • Carrying out physical activity.
  • Alcohol or drug use.
  • Hormonal changes.

A change in the appearance of semen does not mean that there is a medical condition.

The amount of sperm in semen is variable and changes with each ejaculation.

Causes why semen comes out as white jelly

In addition to the factors mentioned, there are certain reasons why the semen may come out as a white jelly or with a lumpy appearance. However, it is appropriate to clarify that this refers more to appearance and texture, and does not necessarily affect its composition.

On the other hand, such a situation should not be a cause for concern in the vast majority of cases. Sometimes it doesn’t even bother you.


Sperm is mostly water. And since the body needs fluids, when it needs them it can take them from different places.

Thus, in situations of dehydration it is not uncommon for the texture of the semen to be affected, making it appear thicker. Therefore, we must remember to hydrate very well.


Some changes in diet could also affect viscosity semen, as well as its color, smell and taste. Similarly, there are foods that help improve sperm quality.

low testosterone

This is another factor why semen can come out as a white jelly. It may be accompanied by other symptoms that indicate low testosterone, such as decreased libido, fatigue, irritability, erectile dysfunctionloss of muscle mass and alopecia.


Some infections, for example those related to sexually transmitted diseases, can affect the epididymis. This is a coiled tube that stores sperm.

In turn, epididymitis causes the sperm survival rate to be low, altering the density and volume of semen. Ejaculation may even be difficult or painful.

High sperm concentration

The number or volume of sperm per milliliter varies, as we already mentioned. But the longer the time that has passed without ejaculating, the greater the concentration. And when there are many sperm, the semen comes out as a white jelly.

protein coagulation

Another possibility related to not having ejaculated in a while, and which can make semen look lumpy, is that proteins that help in clotting begin to accumulate in the testicles and liquefaction. The result will be semen that comes out like white jelly.


A less common but possible cause is sperm agglutination. In this case there is an excess of antibodies in the semenas the immune system recognizes sperm as a foreign substance.

In addition to causing the semen to come out like a white jelly, the action of the antibodies that fight the sperm can lead to male infertility, as indicated in the research carried out in this regard.

The gelatinous appearance of semen is hardly ever a reason for medical consultation or requires special treatment.

Should I be concerned if the semen comes out as white jelly?

A semen that comes out like white jelly does not mean a pathology rarely and does not require treatment; especially if no other signs are observed. So you don’t have to worry. Maybe you just need more hydration.

Even this can be considered a positive thing. The more viscous sperm will tend to adhere better to the vaginal walls.

However, it is recommended to notify the doctor if, in addition to a change in density or viscosity, other symptoms appear, such as fever, pain when ejaculating, strong odor in the ejaculations, blood in the urine or swollen scrotum. In such cases, do not delay the consultation.

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