Selenite mineral: characteristics, uses and evidence

In the world of alternative therapies there are multiple options. One of them is the mineral selenite. Find out what it is recommended for and if it has scientific support.

Last update: November 25, 2021

Selenite is one of the most outstanding minerals on the planet. In general, it is transparent, although there are other varieties in gray, white and gold colors.

It is part of the group known as healing crystals. Taking a look back in history, it is worth rescuing practices that date back to the ancient Egyptians to the present day. Its usefulness also conforms to the Buddhist culture of the chakras.

Now, is the power to repel negative energy real with the selenite mineral? Keep reading this article and take note because we are going to find out.

Origin of selenite

It is necessary to turn the clock back to the time of the ancient Greeks to understand the beginnings of selenite in human culture. It was they who gave it the name. In their language, the word represents the moon, as a clear symbol of admiration for the beauty and importance it shares with this natural satellite.

Regarding its composition, selenite is a variation of gypsum. It is formed from biochemical processes that happen deep in caves.

There other elements interact, such as calcium, oxygen and sulfur. Consequently, a chemical model of sodium sulfate dihydrate (CaSO4-2H2O) is obtained.

There are 3 types of selenite:

  • Satin neck: has some coloring. It is much more fibrous and delicate.
  • Desert rose: The sand color predominates and is distinguished by its figure, since it resembles a group of leaves arranged in a circular way. Each element is at the same height.
  • Gypsum flower: it usually assumes the shapes of needles, with a texture similar to fish scales.
There is no single natural presentation of selenite. In addition, then the extraction process influences.

Benefits attributed to purported crystal healing

As we already mentioned, for some people, selenite has properties that contribute to well-being. It is used in reflective, religious and non-religious therapies. We share some of the benefits attributed to it in the following list, although it is worth clarifying that none of them has been demonstrated with scientific studies:

  • It would suppress harmful energy: negative energy would be transformed through clean white light. In this case, the selenite is placed on the specific points of the body that deserve it when used in therapy.
  • It would harmonize your physical and mental balance: it would transform nightmares and anguish into calm and joy. By promoting the cleansing of the auras, it would strengthen memory, as well as the ability to recall valuable situations for wholeness.
  • Soothing attributes: These would promote mental exercises that would lead to the activation of the chakras superiors. Therefore, it is considered by its users as an effective alternative for peace of mind.
  • It would promote teamwork: Without a doubt, when you reach a certain level of well-being, a change begins in all the environments in which you operate. By transforming your thoughts into positive ones, you begin to modify your perception of working with others.

Evidence on healing crystals and selenite

Crystal healing practice continues to grow in number of followers over time. The truth is that there are more and more places that carry out these processes, such as spas, clinics and alternative medicine clinics.

Is there scientific evidence to support the purported benefits of selenite? Let’s see what is said about it.

Placebo effect

Although there are no solid scientific arguments that guarantee the cure of diseases with selenite, the placebo effect comes into play as a catalyst for our needs. That is, if the person undergoes a therapy with this mineral, convinced that it will work, you will most likely notice an improvement.

In this sense, there are studies that link the improvement of pathologies with the placebo effect experienced by those who practice different therapies. There is no doubt that the mind and how we are willing to take these approaches determine the results. The more safety there is on the patient’s side, the greater the positive effects.

Real results?

However, some crystal users claim that the improvement does not refer to something that is in the imagination, but to real biological processes. Specific therapeutic characteristics are attributed to this mineral.

It is said, for example, that colors from red to violet are associated with the 7 points of the chakras main body. Or that mental clarity is supplied by yellow topaz.

Although selenite as a mineral and as an ion has been studied, these are experiments that place it in vitro so that it acts at the chemical level on the cells. This is not what happens when using a macroscopic glass on the human body or even at a distance.

In the framework of the thermal treatments with hot waters and rocks, selenite is also the protagonist. Again, this is what is known about its microscopic action, as a mineral acting on cells at a level that human eyes do not perceive. The glass itself, larger in size, does not release particles that reach metabolic processes effectively.

Selenite levels have been detected in natural hot springs, but there the mineral is combined with other compounds by temperature.

Selenite as a complementary therapy

The presence of selenite in complementary therapies is increasingly popular. It has become an additional element in alternative medicine. Its advocates say it helps us achieve serenity and mental clarity.

Now that you know a little more about selenite, if you do decide to give it a try, consult a healthcare professional first. Do not leave any therapy that your doctor has prescribed. In any case, ask him if you could use the crystals without altering the ongoing approach you are taking for your pathology.

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