Scientists discover antibody that can stop the spread of breast cancer

Italian scientists found an effective drug to stop the spread of breast cancer. Find out!

Last update: 25 March, 2022

Breast cancer is the cancer that most affects women worldwide. Therefore, it is one of the diseases that causes the most death year after year.

So much so, that the National Cancer Institute stated that in 2020 alone there were around 2.3 million patients diagnosed with breast cancer worldwide. What’s more, in 2021 there were an estimated more than 600,000 deaths for this disease.

As a result of this, a large part of the scientific community has been interested in analyzing the pathology in detail. Well, they intend to find a cure.

One of them are researchers from the Campus Bio-Médico University Hospital in Rome, Italy. In one of those searches they came to a hopeful finding and interesting.

In this article we share all the details of the novel technique that this group of scientists managed to develop. Do not miss it!

The cure that is being developed in Italy against breast cancer

After an exhaustive analysis, researchers from the Compus Bio-Médico University Hospital stated that metastasis is one of the most dangerous factors in breast cancer. This because of it can cause the disease to come back even after a surgical procedure has been performed.

For that reason, scientists took the initiative to analyze the genome of several breast cancer patients. Thus, they found that the protein alpha 5 integrin was present in most cases with metastasis.

In view of this, they set out to make an antibody that could block the protein. For it dedicated themselves to evaluating how each tumor evolved. Likewise, they analyzed research from the Curie Institute in Paris and the University of Hamburg to learn about the findings that had been reached before.

The discovery that fills everyone with hope

The researchers succeeded in making an antibody known as volociximab. Therefore, they decided to study it in vitro and live in the Hospital’s laboratories to evaluate its effectiveness.

In this way, they discovered that the drug is capable of interposing itself between two molecules, so that the new tumor cells are not able to join other tissues and make blood vessels to feed. Because of this, it prevents the tumor from spreading.

Because of that, essential for patients to increase their life expectancies. Likewise, so that they feel in better conditions because they do not suffer from the complex symptoms produced by bone metastases.

Best of all, the scientists also found that the drug can be used safely because it is non-toxic. Thus, it does not generate striking adverse effects or endanger the functioning of the organism.

The final conclusions

But the scientists of this Hospital do not feel that their mission has ended with this finding. They are aware that this is just one important step to begin to prevent the excessive growth of the disease.

Therefore, today they are working on learning in the best way all the biological factors that influence cancer. The goal they have in mind is to find a treatment that not only stops the spread, but also heal the person totally.

In addition, they recognize that knowledge of biological factors is decisive in knowing how each tumor is progressing. In this way, the battle against breast cancer continuesbut day after day new findings are found that allow us to believe that a cure will finally be found.

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