Science Says Olive Oil is a Great Natural Laxative for Constipation

Natural laxatives are a great investment in health. Definitely, it does not seem a good idea to go to the bathroom with a pill and in these cases it is always advisable to flee from the artificial whenever possible. Things like plums, chia seeds, kefir, or green leafy vegetables are great solutions. But what you still did not know is that something as simple and delicious as olive oil will also help you a lot when it comes to run away from constipation.

Olive oil is known for its contribution to lower cholesterol and help balance blood sugar levels. But it can also help improve your intestinal health. It is a very mild and non-aggressive natural laxative. And it has no side effects. It is worth considering.

Constipation and olive oil

Constipation has many possible causes. It is very common if you wear a low fiber diet, poor hydration and lack of regular exercise. The medicines that lower blood pressure can also cause constipation. The extra virgin olive oil It should be the choice because it is considered the purest as it does not go through a lot of heating or chemical processing.

Because olive oil is not a drug, there is no standardized recommendation for its use as a laxative, but in a study published in the Journal of Renal Nutrition, researchers found that taking olive oil daily was effective for improve most symptoms of constipation in people undergoing hemodialysis for kidney disease. Doses started at 4 milliliters and increased as needed.

Are there any side effects?

Small doses of olive oil are well tolerated by most people. Because it can have natural laxative properties, olive oil consumed in large amounts can contribute to diarrhea. Of course, keep in mind that a tablespoon has almost 120 calories. If you are worried about calories, be careful. Otherwise, it is a food with an impressive safety profile.

It can not be missing in your diet

Olive oil is one of the essential foods within the Mediterranean diet And it has a great virtue: you can take it in many different ways. If you like to be very strict about healthy matters, you may consider trying a tablespoon mixed with a glass of orange juice or a cup of warm milk. Olive oil is also commonly used as salad dressing or as an ingredient for cooking. If constipation is a frequent problem, you may want to bet on adding it to salads, cooked vegetables, or eggs to increase its presence in your diet. You digestive health will appreciate it.

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