Science Says It: Yoga Helps Heal Headaches and Migraines

For whatever reasons, you have headaches more often than you want and you can’t find a solution. You have looked for natural remedies to combat migraines and have even read that sex can help. But what you may not have thought about is what yoga can do for you. Really, science supports its use to help overcome migraines. You don’t lose anything by trying, right?

Migraines are severe and recurring headaches that affect one in ten people and with the double the number of women compared to men, according to statistics. Traditionally, migraines have been treated with medications to relieve and control symptoms, but there is growing evidence showing that yoga could be a complementary therapy useful to help reduce the frequency of migraines.

Yoga, science and migraines

As early as 2007, a study selected 72 patients with migraines and divided them into two groups: the first was included in a yoga therapy group for three months and the other was put into a self-care group. The practice of yoga produced reductions in the intensity and frequency of pain head compared to the self-care group.

Another scientific work treated 60 patients with migraines using conventional care with or without yoga. As in the previous case, doing yoga also implied a greater decrease in the frequency and intensity of headaches than conventional care alone.

“The frequency and intensity of headaches were reduced more in the case of yoga with conventional attention compared to the group with conventional attention alone. In addition, the therapy of yoga improved autonomic cardiac balance. Therefore, yoga therapy can be effectively incorporated as adjunctive therapy in migraine patients, “the work highlighted in its conclusions.

The conclusions

Researchers suggest that doing yoga can help stimulate the vagus nerve, one of the main nerves that the system has and that is located in the skull, something that has been shown to be effective in relieving migraines.

Yoga is an ancient practice that incorporates breathing exercises, meditation and postures designed to encourage relaxation and stress reduction, two aspects that usually have a very profound effect on the appearance and development of headaches and migraines along with the well-known genetic component.

Scientific works have shown over the years that practicing yoga has many benefits for physical and mental health, and its action in the treatment and prevention of headaches and migraines has been the object of study during the last decades, always with very positive results.

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