Science reveals the secret of people who seem younger than they are

Every so often we are surprised by a case of a person who looks much younger than he really is. Now science seems to have found an explanation for this phenomenon, and it is not about using creams or doing treatments.

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It is known that intrinsic and extrinsic environmental factors, including ultraviolet radiation, lead to visible signs of skin aging. But nevertheless, Is this really what makes people of the same age look younger or older than others?

A research conducted at Harvard University revealed that what makes some people look younger than they really are is the presence of the so-called genus Methuselah

How they did it

A research team led by Dr. Alexa B. Kimball of the Harvard Medical School evaluated the molecular changes that take place in the skin with sun exposure and in the protected skin of the skin. women from 20 to 74 years old, some of which appeared to be substantially younger than their chronological age.

Different types of tests were performed on skin samples from areas exposed to the sun, such as the face and the dorsal forearm; and other protected areas, such as the buttocks. They participated 158 women

The study had the help of the company 23andMe, which determined the genetic ancestry.


They were revealed progressive changes between the years 20 to 70 related to oxidative stress, energy metabolism and epidermal barrier. These changes accelerated towards the 60s and 70s. The gene expression patterns of the subgroup of younger looking women were similar to those of the women who were actually younger.

The specific genes representative of specific biological processes had altered expression with age, especially in body sites exposed to the sun, such as face and dorsal forearm.

According to the researchers, this study demonstrates a wide range of molecular processes in the skin affected by aging, providing relevant targets to improve the state of skin aging at different stages of life.

Kimball stressed that There are more than 2,000 genes that influence aging, but the Methuselah gene is one of the most important.

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According to experts, those who have this gene become more resistant to the effects of time and unhealthy habits, how to take a bad diet or smoke.

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