Say goodbye to brittle nails with this natural cucumber remedy

The nails are one of the parts of the body that can serve as indicators of the general state of the organism. This is because their good health depends on the health of the whole body. Thus, having nails that show abnormalities can be a symptom of a disease, a disorder or nutritional deficit. One of the most common conditions are brittle or fragile nails and scaly nails.

If this happens to you too, try this simple recipe with cucumber to strengthen your nails.

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The brittle nails They are weak, they look sick and they break easily. They can be caused by some of these conditions:

  • Microbial or fungal infections
  • Use of aggressive chemicals
  • Aggressive manicure, enamels or hardeners with a lot of formaldehyde
  • Use of abrasive nail polish removers
  • Inadequate nutrition and nutritional deficits

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What can we do?

To stop having brittle nails it is necessary to solve the underlying problem that causes them, either nutritional or due to the use of aggressive chemicals for our body.

As a complement to the treatment, there are some natural alternatives that accelerate the healing process, and one of them can be apply cucumber directly on the nails once a day.

Cucumber is a very nutritious food, rich in vitamin A, E, B1, B2, B3 and C, as well as magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium and iron. For its properties can re-hydrate the nails to strengthen them.

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How to use cucumber to strengthen nails

All you have to do is Blend a cucumber and dip your nails in the liquid for about five minutes a day, allowing them to absorb nutrients and benefit from their ingredients.

The active principle of this remedy is the silica that contains the cucumber, and that when absorbed by the organism, helps strengthen the nails and prevent them from breaking easily when they become fragile.

In general, the cucumber rehydrates and softens the skin, giving it back the fresh and soft texture it should naturally have.

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If you suffer from brittle nails, it is worth wondering if perhaps there is a condition that causes this abnormality, and once you have a plan to combat it, you can consider using this remedy as a supplement.

Do you know other natural recipes to treat brittle nails? Tell us!

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