Saúl Craviotto shares his recipe for chocolate truffles for Christmas

The canoeist, Olympic champion and winner of Master Chef Celebrity 2, Saul Craviotto, has led a showcooking for more than a hundred people that has been held at Sanitas headquarters to demonstrate that Christmas does not have to be incompatible with healthy habits.

Master Chef 2 Celebrity winner prepared five healthy dishes with those who showed that even if we are in holiday dates In which excesses are usually made, healthy and delicious dishes can be prepared.

The first dish prepared by Craviotto under the supervision of the nutritionist has been a red fruit parfait with fresh cheese and nuts, ideal, for example, for those who want to start the day with a breakfast full of vitality and energy. As a main course, he has prepared a simple recipe based on mozzarella pearls with tomato and pesto based on the concept of “km 0 feed”, that is, the one that aims to make the distance between the product's point of origin and its place of final consumption as minimal as possible.

The third recipe has consisted of a roll of carpaccio with arugula and plum, which, Craviotto has accompanied with a homemade lemonade. And, as explained by the nutritionist, it is advisable to control the consumption of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages due to excess sugars and opt for healthy alternatives such as kombucha tea.

For dessert, some truffles have been prepared avocado chocolate and dates as an alternative to Christmas sweets rich in fats and sugars.

And we share the delicious recipe for chocolate truffles:



Avocado, chocolate for desserts (low sugar) and dates.

Optional: vanilla essence and a pinch of salt.


1. Melt dessert chocolate in a fondue or in a water bath

2. Add the avocado to the melted chocolate until a homogeneous mixture is generated.

3. Include dates in the mixture and beat vigorously.

4. Make small balls and sprinkle some pure chocolate on top for presentation (optional).

Let rest.

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