Sara Carbonero has a favorite drink (and we tell you what benefits it has)

Sara Carbonero It has become our source of inspiration (and we are not exaggerating). From the most boho looks that we want to copy this summer, to her infallible beauty tricks for a heart attack makeup, the journalist sneaks into our conversations day in and day out as well.

Therefore, it is not surprising that we have also taken note of one of their Favorite drinks, chai tea. A drink that has so many properties, that we have begun to obsess over it. How do we know that Sara has been fond of this tea? Very simple, we just needed a look at his Instagram to discover his secret. Because tea is very beneficial for health. We are still wondering how we have not discovered it before.

The journalist is obsessed with the Chai Latte tea, that along with tea matcha has flooded Instagram and social networks. No more to say, they are fashionable. And it is not that they are new; no way. Both have been consuming for hundreds of years, however, now they are in the focus both for their properties and their taste.

Does he know chai tea? It is a mixture of black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, pepper and clove only suitable for the palates who love tea and strong flavors.

We have collected the benefits of this drink, so if you have not already done so, run to try it. You will not regret.

It has anti-inflammatory functions

The composition of this tea helps with some pains, such as the one that produces arthritis. And, although it seems hard to believe, ginger has properties in our body similar to those of ibuprofen.

Decrease blood pressure

Chai tea is a perfect drink for hypertensive people. The benefits of cinnamon are also ideal for lowering blood glucose levels.

It is antioxidant

The base of this mixture is black tea, rich in polyphenols, which help us fight against free radicals and prevent cellular aging.

It helps you to digest and lose weight

There is no better spice than black pepper to promote digestion, in addition to accelerating its process, this spice helps the pancreas to metabolize fats, which results in less accumulation in the body, something essential if you want to lose weight .

Help with menstrual pains

We have already discussed that ginger works as a natural analgesic, so many times, experts recommend its use to women suffering from acute menstrual pain.

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