Sapiosexualidad, the attraction for intelligent people

Sapiosexuality is an increasingly widespread term when we talk about love relationships. It comes from the Latin word sapiens, what does wise mean, and It refers to the attraction and sexual desire that awakens people's intelligence.

Although sapiosexuality is a recently coined word, the concept itself is very old. Already in 380 BC, Plato spoke in his work The banquet of the relationship between love and intellect.

And is that intelligence has always been an attractive quality for many, but in the case of sapiosexuales, it is the characteristic that they are most attracted to.

From physical attraction to sapiosexuality

Physical attraction alone does not determine the fact that we like someone. We are almost always attracted to the sum of several qualities of the other person.

Input, Physical attractiveness plays a very important role in many occasions: in the applications that exist to find a partner, when we fall in love, in the selection of personnel or even when voting for a politician. It is a factor that most of us consider, whether we are aware of it or not.

But it is also true that physical attractiveness by itself it is not decisive when we like someone. In fact, most of us are not attracted to a single quality of the other, but add a set of elements that make us want the other person.

Thus, the accumulation of attitudes, thoughts, feelings and behaviors that conform the personality of the other person, will deeply mark our desire towards her. Then, and depending on our tastes, each of us will give more value to one component or another.

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The erotic of the brain

In sapiosexuality, people take into account physical and personality factors, do not deny them. However, they feel more deeply attracted by the exchange of novel ideas, deep conversations and talks that enrich them emotionally and intellectually.

Therefore, for them the word not only becomes an instrument of communication, but also of seduction. They feel so much more attracted by the knowledge of your interlocutor or privacy that can be generated in a conversation, than by any other characteristic.

Different types of intelligence

When we talk about intelligence, We usually associate it with a high cognitive capacity or the accumulation of knowledge of some people. However, for many current researchers, the definition goes further.

So, authors like Howard Gardner with his Multiple Intelligence theory or Daniel Goleman with his Emotional Intelligence, They have extended the concept to many other factors.

This means that sapiosexual people they may be attracted to academic knowledge or the ability to solve complex problems, but also by highly creative people, emotionally mature or with a great capacity to interact with others.

Characteristics of sapiosexuality

Sapiosexuales are usually open minded people. They are attracted to novelty and are very curious to learn and acquire new knowledge.

Given a much broader definition of intelligence, sexual sapios may not differ so much from the general population. Even, They may have much more in common than we might think a priori. However, there are some characteristics that define them more specifically:

  • They are used to being people with a high degree of self-knowledge.
  • They are usually open minded individuals.
  • Your own level of intelligence is usually high.
  • They feel attraction to novelty.
  • They are usually deep and thoughtful people.
  • They have a great curiosity to learn and spend part of their time acquiring new knowledge.
  • A deep conversation seduces them intensely.
  • Although men and women can be sapiosexuales, it occurs more in women.

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Intelligence is another characteristic of people and, although a priori it is a positive quality, feel especially attracted to the cognitive ability of the other It can be harmful to some people.

This is the case of individuals with low self-esteem and who tend to idealize others, since it is easy for these people to project someone who is not real in the other. That attitude can eventually harm them and make them feel even more insecure.

Recognizing and admiring any characteristic of the other is very healthy within the couple, be it intelligence or any other quality. Of course, as long as it does not make the relationship asymmetrical or make us feel less than we are.