Safe travel abroad

They do not stop telling me cases of people who have accidents or become ill while traveling abroad, this being one of the most painful and sometimes financially ruinous experiences of their lives. A friend, during a trip to Miami, spent a day in the emergency room for a renal colic, everything was in a scare, but the invoice that he had to pay was about 6,000 euros. On a trip, I met a doctor whose family was in charge of the health care of several hotels in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. He told me that the least that charged a tourist for a consultation was 400 euros. He came to Spain 'for a walk' very often. Not surprising, at these prices.

Fate matters

Logically, everything will depend on where we are going, because a trip to the Horn of Africa will not be the same as a trip to Europe. But keep one thing in mind; Wherever you go, no health insurance you have will cover repatriation on a medicalized plane. To give you an idea, a repatriation under these conditions from the US, leaving for about 50,000 euros. Come on, the joke can cost you the same as a walk in the private jet of Cristiano Ronaldo or Amancio Ortega.

The benefits of the European health card depend on the country in which you are

If you travel in Europe you can request the European Health Insurance Card. The easiest way to manage this document is through the Internet, it will be sent to your home for free. You can also do it at any Social Security office, by appointment and there are even more sites available. In case your trip is too early and you do not have time for it to be issued, they will give you a receipt that you can use, with the same validity as the card itself.

Be very careful and do not trust this document. Your benefits depend on the country you are in. Although it is valid in most European countries and some partners, such as Switzerland, in many of them the coverage will not be the same as in Spain and you will even have to pay in advance for health care, being reimbursed later, as for example in France . There are countries that have a copayment, something similar to what happens with medicines in Spain. They will only cover part of the assistance, the rest must be paid by you, as in Italy or Finland. Consult the website of the European Union for more information.

Private insurance

In any case, even if you have the European Health Card, it will not cover the costs of travel either on a medicalized plane or on a regular line, accompanied by a doctor. This type of service must be paid from your own portfolio.

If you have any private health care insurance, many of which will cover you during your stay abroad. Find out if your policy covers these types of situations, many do. The best thing is that you contact him and inform yourself to avoid later troubles. Also note that public healthcare in many countries, especially outside Europe, does not have the same level or quality as in Spain. In them the most recommendable will be the private centers, after all in all the countries of the world there are wealthy social groups that organize a parallel health system.

Better prevent

With everything described above, my emphatic recommendation is that before leaving on a trip, a temporary medical insurance to cover your healthcare in case of illness or accident, that includes transfers in medicalized airplanes in case a repatriation is required. For a very small, almost ridiculous amount, between € 10 and € 50 depending on the country you are traveling to and the amount you want to cover, you can have a completely safe trip. There are several companies that carry out this type of insurance, such as Mondial Assistance, InterMundial, MAPFRE, AXA, etc., which can cover medical or transfer expenses between 200,000 and one million euros, amounts more than enough to cover any eventuality. I recommend it, even if you travel through Europe, but if you do it outside of our continent it seems almost mandatory.

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