Russian drug against COVID-19 will reach Latin America first

The director of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), Kirel Dmítriel, indicated the parameters to follow for the distribution of the Avifavir. It is a Russian drug developed to combat COVID-19, which will arrive first in Latin America, especially in Brazil and other countries where there is a considerable increase in daily infections.

Through the Rossiya channel, Dmítriel announced that Russia could satisfy the need for antiviral drugs to other countries. In response to requests from more than 50 nations. And placing as priority those who present a high number in new cases of coronavirus.

This new drug could be a valuable solution to COVID-19 outbreaks and multiple deaths from the disease.


More than 30,000 patients have been treated with this medicine in 51 different regions of Russia. Proving success in all cases, according to the manufacturers of the medicine, who assure that it will help Save many lives.

Health authorities in this country and data from clinical trials say that the drug has achieved positive results. Since it is capable of inhibiting the enzyme that allows COVID-19 to replicate in more cells. So its effects are more efficient in the initial and middle stages of the disease. However, many people have managed to recover in advanced stages of the virus.

The antiviral Avifavir received a certificate of Official register by the Russian Ministry of Health. To become the first medicine that can combat SARS-Cov-2 in the world. Its marketing has already been authorized and among the objectives are the countries most affected by the disease.

The Russian embassy in Guatemala and the RDIF announced that Latin America and the Caribbean are the priority in the disposal of this medicine. This Friday, July 10, after a speech, the country offered its help so that the acquisition is ASAP.

the most timely solution

Favipiravir is the basis of the drug that is presented as hope to Latin American communities and the world. Previously used against influenza and after multiple examinations a high efficiency was determined to attack the coronavirus.

By June 3, it was officially added to the list of norms for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease in Russia.

And after they announced their free trade, the negotiations for their supply do not stop reaching the country. The Russian Ministry of Industry and Commerce has had to process many applications and begin filtering among the most urgent.

Having as main objective to provide sufficient medicines to Latin American countries. Whose populations are seen severely affected by the virus.

the end of the covid-19 may be closer than we think