Routines of a granny who became a fitness influencer

This grandmother made a decision that changed her life and improved her health in the best way. Know its history!

Last update: 09 November, 2021

Exercise is essential to maintain a good body figure and take care of your health. For that reason, It is essential that people of all ages adapt the routines that suit them best and stay active.

This is how Joan McDonald understood it, a woman who at the age of 70 made the decision to change her lifestyle. Well, his intention was to be able to see and feel much more vital as the days go by.

The main motivation was the health condition he had at that time, since he had come to weigh 90 kilos. Because of that, He suffered from various conditions such as reflux, arthritis, fluid retention, and high blood pressure.

In that instant, Joan’s daughter, who works as a personal trainer, told her that if she continued with the same lifestyle she would get progressively worse. Also, that he could get to a point where it was going to be difficult for him to carry out all his daily activities.

Thus, he proposed to begin exercising routinely to begin working on the change he wanted to achieve. Whereby, Joan did not oppose the decision and gradually adjusted to her new responsibility.

The beginning of the process

Michelle McDonald, Joan’s daughter, enrolled her in a remote program for women who intended to be healthy. That way, Today, the 74-year-old woman learned to use technology to her advantage and began practicing at her own pace.

At first it was difficult, as the exercises were quite complicated. Nevertheless, Joan was never discouraged because she understood that the most important thing was to go at her own pace so as not to overexert herself or truncate her process.

From that perseverance, with the passage of time Joan perfected the technique of all the exercises and it was possible to start training on her part. What’s more, His health improved to the point that several of the medications he had to take were taken away from him in his 70s.

The exercise also allowed Joan to feel much calmer on a mental level, as she felt full of life and free of ailments. Also, mHis self-esteem improved notably because he managed to have the body figure that he was longing for from the beginning of the process.

Due to the excellent results, Joan took the initiative to encourage many more people to acquire a fitness lifestyle. Thus, through social networks he began to share the best advice.

Time to become a fitness influencer

The woman opened a YouTube channel and an Instagram account calling herself “Train With Joan”. In those channels, she is dedicated to uploading exercise routines, sharing healthy eating habits, and telling people how to find the motivation to change their lifestyle.

Apart from the video, the woman uses the texts to explain the exercises in detail and to get the population to perform them in the best way possible. In addition to this, he listens to the suggestions of the followers and explains to them how to carry out the exercises that interest them.

The fitness influencer practices arm, leg, abdomen, buttock, back and chest exercises. That is, it attends to all the needs that may arise from the different people who are aware of their routine.

This is how the fitness influencer has a total of 1.5 million followers on her main social network. What’s more, At present it is promoting an agenda so that people can record their exercise routines and be clear about their process.

Here we share a video in which you can learn about the work of the fitness influencer. In addition to this, This videographic material may be the motivation you are looking for to start today.

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Importance of exercise

Exercise is essential to optimally protect all parts of the body and prevent chronic diseases. In addition, it allows people to have a great physical performance, avoid constant fatigue and muscle ailments.

Exercise influences that people can sleep in a restorative way. In that way, toIt helps to rest the body, mind and renews energy so that people can perform at their best.

With exercise, people can have a pleasant aging. Then, your organs will be stronger and less frequently attacked by progressive diseases that affect quality of life.

It is essential to take into account that experts recommend doing at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily. In addition, the most important thing is that all the exercises can be performed at the pace that each person can.

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