Rosemary and nettle treatment for your hair

A lush and well-groomed mane is synonymous with beauty and good health. Regardless of the cuts and hairstyles that are fashionable, a healthy hair stands out and attracts all eyes. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more hair treatments are emerging. Do you know how to use rosemary and nettle for your hair?

It is painful and negatively affects personal self-esteem loss of hair. Like its weakening or showing a brittle, thin and dull appearance. In general, emotional imbalances can be one of the causes of this situation: the more stress, the more dramatic and severe the 'falls' will be.

Likewise, The manes are used to measure the internal status of the organism. They are indicators of the quality of the diet, as well as nutritional and hydration levels. Sometimes, the way a person treats their hair serves to know if it takes care of itself.

Hair weakening

Some bad habits on our hair can create a brittle hair with a tendency to fall.

The abuse of the scalp almost always obeys daily actions. Aggressive and constant brushing, excess heat from dryers or uncontrolled exposure to some chemicals are habits with risks for the hair.

Equally, hormonal imbalances can be a cause of weak and brittle hair. For all this, it is necessary to go to a specialist to take a treatment according to the situation.

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A great solution: rosemary and nettle for your hair

In nature you will find the secret of great beauty and health treatments. In addition, strengthening your hair with home remedies is a great option to reduce the costs of time and money.

Rosemary is a medicinal plant that serves as a toner and activates circulation. It is excellent for regulating excess fat or sebum. It acts as a moisturizer that decisively influences capillary strengthening.

For the prevention of alopecia and the great losses of hair volume, Nettle is an excellent option. It acts as a natural repairer, promoting hair growth in bald areas. It also possesses antiseptic, analgesic and regulatory qualities of the circulatory system.

Perfect complementation

The combination of rosemary and nettle allows to control the production of fat, hair regeneration and other important aspects to strengthen it.

The combination of both herbs, rosemary and nettle, is effective for the repair and deep hydration of hair. However, in situations of alopecia or extreme hair loss, it is always recommended to go with the medical experts.

Among the home treatments that stand out for their effectiveness when it comes to strengthening your hair are the mask of rosemary and nettle. For its preparation, it is necessary to a bouquet of rosemary and another of nettle, as well as water and alcohol.

The procedure consists of two stages. The first thing is place, for 40 days, rosemary sprouts in a glass container with alcohol, leaving to rest in a dark place. When this period is completed, an infusion is created with the nettle. To do this, cut into pieces and boil for 10 minutes.

Once these steps are completed, it is necessary to mix both elements in a container, adding each one of them in equal parts. Then It is applied directly on the scalp, Massage gently with the fingertips so that the skin absorbs it deeply. Finally, let it act for eight hours, preferably at night.

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A second option of rosemary and nettle for your hair

Another of the commonly used hair tonics is the mask of rosemary and nettle with honey. For its preparation, it requires two cups of water, as well as leaves of rosemary and crushed nettle, as well as Ceylon cinnamon and natural honey. Each of these ingredients in proportions of 50 grams.

The water is carried to the fire. At the boiling point, rosemary and cinnamon are added and 10 minutes later the nettle is added. Let it rest and, when the preparation is warm, honey is included. By last, It is placed in a glass container and stored in the refrigerator.

This natural lotion is applied directly on the scalp, massaging with the fingertips to impregnate all the skin of the head with the tonic.

Protect the hair with a thermal cap or a plastic bag and let it act for 30 minutes. To remove, rinse with plenty of water. Also, keep in mind that This preparation can not be stored for more than 10 days.